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I kinda hope the Wii U's VC service is about the same as the Wii's so I don't have to re-buy games again or have to use my Wii just to buy NES games and such. The only thing i'd want different with the Wii U's VC is to be able to play all VC games from the tablet controller.

Oh, and my 5 gamecube VC titles i'd want would be:
1) Pikmin 2
2) Super Mario Sunshine
3) Metroid Prime
4) Pikmin
5) Mario Kart Double Dash

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Being able to play on the Wii U controller screen is a no brainer and I really do hope I'll be able to transfer my Wii VC games over. We can transfer between 3DSes, we can transfer from DSi to 3DS, why not Wii to Wii U?

Having said that, I probably won't be as interested in the Wii U VC as I was in the Wii VC. If I can get any of these games on the 3DS I will and we already know the 3DS VC is getting NES games. Gamecube games? I'd pay full retail for a 3DS port before I got a VC version on the Wii U.

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