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A thread for people who just got their Wii U or are going to. I myself am at last going to acquire my very own hopefully tomorrow. But in the mean time, I'm going to enjoy one last marathon tonight with my old friend the Wii, beginning with the one that started it all, Wii Sports.

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Lol. I'm so sorry, but The Ew Wii U owners thread caught my attention. No, I don't have one yet.

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Welcome 2 da' crew dog. I'm still a new Wii U owner too, and I've had it since launch Get Tekken and/or Injustice, Mario U, Sonic Racing, and Runner 2 so you think it's worth it right away. Hell, I thought it was worth it day one, especially since there was no way I could afford every Wii U game at launch. Get some skullcandies or earpods for online voice chat if you're into that.
Oh ya, Monster Hunter is awesome, so that's a must buy. That's what I'm playing for now.

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You'll have to add me wings~

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I'm still a new Wii U owner too. First time since the N64 that I've bought a Nintendo console so there's a sizable backlog of Wii games that I want to play before I get to into the (lacking) WiiU line up.

I'd recommend Trine 2. Such a superb game. ZombiU too. It's been a while since I've played a survival horror game with the emphasis on survival.

I'd also recommend that you skip on some of the ports, most notably, Batman Arkham City. It really doesn't run well on the WiiU.
Mass Effect feels pretty questionable too, but it might be like that on the PS3/360 too, i haven't played those versions.

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Darn thought I fixed the title typo before anyone noticed. Oh well. And I'll be sure to add you @Happy_Mask when I get the chance.

As for games, besides Nintendo Land and NSMBU I'm not going to able to get anything for some time since I'm blowing all my cash on the system. And even when I start getting more money again I have other matters to deal with financially first. But hey, after a long, hard-working wait, I'm finally getting a Wii U, and that's good enough for me right now.


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My friends, at long last, I have joined the Wii U ranks!
Yeah the picture is very blurry, probably because I was to excited to focus the camera. XD

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Hey guys, I am new around here as well as being "newer" to the Wii-U world. I have had it sense launch, but I have been slow to join an online community such as these forums. My Network ID is devineministry

I look forward to playing with everyone at some point.

I have:
Lego City
Sonic Racing
Other wii games, but these are my Wii U games so far.

Currently playing: Mario Kart 8, W101, Lego City, and MANY eshop games. :)
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