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Yesterday I saw for the first time a Wii U demo stand in an electronics store in the city. What a wasted opportunity for Nintendo of Europe!

The stand itself looks elegant, and the GamePad in the middle looks very intriguing to the casual browsers. However the software itself is confusing and has some of the most disappointing content ever.

There's a list of games, and touching their icon basically presents a meaningless larger poster image on the screen, together with a voice saying "PEGI 13". So basically when people pick up the GamePad for the first time, they just tap around while the TV says: "PEGI 13. PEGI 13. PEGI 16. PEGI 18. PEGI16. PEGI 13".

There is playable demo of Rayman Legends, and a 5 minutes presentation clip buried somewhere in the menus. You won't find them.

I have seen about five different people pick up the GamePad and then losing interest after just a few seconds.

I must say that I purchased a Nintendo 3DS right after playing a demo of Pilotwings Resort in a similar stand, in the same shop. But the Wii U demo stand does not say anything about the Wii U selling points - at all. No mention of the advanced motion controls, nothing about the potential control schemes...

I have a Wii U and I love it. After seeing the demo, I can only think... what a wasted opportunity.

Nintendo, fire the person who came up with that stand. They don't have a clue about sales.



I tried one out yesterday, when I picked up my system. I can't play it till friday because of university so I haven't gotten used to the interface, and it didn't overwhelm me. Nintendo has problems with thinking like a customer.

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Sadly it is Nintendo of Europe that are experiencing the most downfalls as of late. Of course I can't say much for the demo stands over here in the States, I live in Wyoming, no major company brings anything here.

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Played one in HMV a few days ago, it was ok. After waiting for some very confused parents to be done with it, I started playing the demo for Rayman legends and it was pretty good. However, I did try to play before the parents came, but I think it was going through the same 5 minute movie, so I went away and looked around a bit longer.

I might try out a demo station up in London which is listed on Nintendo's website, but I don't want to risk getting caught with the pre/post-Christmas shoppers.

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All I've found in NA are stands with a Wii U Gamepad that only play videos or slideshows of photos of 18 different games. At least you guys get an actual demo...



Our mall has a cool little Nintendo station with playable Wii U's and 3DS's.

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swordx wrote:

All I've found in NA are stands with a Wii U Gamepad that only play videos or slideshows of photos of 18 different games. At least you guys get an actual demo...

Those are the basic demo stands. If you manage to find a deluxe version then they have demos. Apparently the basic demo stands have Rayman now.

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