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Hey all,

I thought it might be fun for everyone to describe their best hunting experiences from Monster Hunter.It doesn't necessarily have to be from this one. I'll start. Beware I'm not a fantastic story teller, but I'll do my best.

Yesterday I had the urgent quest to save the Shakalaka which requires hunting the Durambos (sp?) for the first time. So far I haven't had a tough time with anything in the game, other then a few mess ups on capture quests. So I jumped right in and started attacking this guy. I am pretty cautious at first, watching how he goes about business and largely I'm doing fine, getting in and getting lots of damage done with my dual blades. The only problem I notice after a while is that my time is starting to run short. I sent him off limping probably 7 or more times and still he wouldn't die. I've got about 10 minutes left and I start getting extra aggressive because I'm worried time will expire.

This is when he starts handing it to me. He keeps running me over and jumping up and landing on top of me. He knocked me out two times, I have 3 minutes left and he's in the farthest zone from camp. So I run as fast as I can, although I figure I am not going to succeed. I get there and start wailing on him, I am completely out of potions and anything else useful. He is still dealing out some good damage on me; I figure it's a gamble I would have to take. He gets me down to probably one or two hits before I die but I keep pressing the attack. Finally, I get in there one last time while he's spinning around and I knock him over. I stuck it to him and he finally died! I checked the quest timer and there was 10 seconds left before I failed the quest. I couldn't believe it! That was one of the craziest and exciting moments I've ever had in any game, probably.

I hope to hear some other stories. Also if anyone wants to do any online hunting let me know! My NNID is Mathieran. I probably won't be on a whole lot the next two weekends, but typically I am playing mostly on Fridays during the day, and some evenings.

PSN ID: Mathieran


Im still struggling with save our boat where you have to kill the royal Ludroth, Man oh man its not easy ;;;;((((

I can not seem to nail it. Its too hard especially when you try everything and you still fail.

The other task is capturing the qurupeco, not easy every time i end up either using the bomb in the wrong time or i kill it and i end up losing the quest.

Apart from that i must say that its very addictive game and im loving it. My first monster hunter and its awesome game.

add me on wii u ( cyrex78)
Switch : SW-1239-7762-0605


Well I'm no expert but I seem to have good success hacking away at the ludroth's tail. Most of his attacks will miss you, except when he rolls over. so just watch out for that and roll away.

The best success I've had capturing monsters is capture them when they are taking a nap. You can set the trap up right next to them before you wake them up and stand on the opposite side of the trap and they'll walk into it, and then throw tranquilizers at them until they fall asleep.

PSN ID: Mathieran


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