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Hey all,
My dad is getting me a wii u from australia, and i live in India
I think the tv here is ntsc? Im not sure, and will it make any problem with AU wii u? And will i be able to play us games on my wii u?


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No. You will only be able to play games from the PAL region.

Not sure about the TV stuff though.


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Ok, eu and aus are both pal region right?
Im hoping it will work with the tv

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According to my research it won't be an issue, provided you're using HDMI connections and provided you're only playing Wii U games. Any Wii games will be affected and whilst many Wii titles in PAL territories output at 60Hz, not all of them did and I owned a few. You may also find Virtual Console games which output at 50Hz, but so far only the first release, Balloon Fight, is that way.

Essentially PAL and NTSC are things of the past, provided you're not trying to run a source which adheres to those old standards like DVD or older games. Stay current and you should be fine; the only limitation you'll need to be mindful of is Nintendo's arbitrary decision to region-lock.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

That's a good question. Honestly I don't know. I had thought with the move to HDMI old video standards like PAL and NTSC would stop meaning anything as content was output according to resolution, but perhaps colour reproduction is still separate from that? I'd imagine the the source signal would still matter over an analogue link like S-Video or composite, but surely the Wii U isn't outputting PAL or NTSC over HDMI (unless it's a virtual console game, maybe). Hopefully someone who knows more about this stuff will chime in.

I dont get it? So it might work but not for virtual console games?
Ahh im confused, im just hoping that it will work >_<

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EU and AUS are PAL yes.

As long as you purchase pal games from AU or EU they will work, the only issue I can see is you may need to look into your power points, and check if they are the same voltage/plug as AU, if not you may need to purchase some kind of adapter.

TV will need HDMI ports also, not sure if HDMI to AV converter works but i'd check into that too.



Aw, for a second I thought this thread was about a talking Wii U from Australia. That would've been awesome.

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Hey all, thanks for all the replies
Now i get it.... My wii u will work bcause i just came to know that india is PAL to... So tv will not be a problem
But the voltage in ausie is 240 v and india is 220 v, will this create a problem?

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