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Not the game itself, I love the super smash bros series, however it saddens me that we hold the makers to such low standards. 5 squidding years between brawl and Wii u version. what's depressing to me is the lack of innovation that comes with each super smash series. With a team to work on this game how is it not more polished, finished sooner, and contain more characters. A single kid made tons of characters with new skins, levels, and move sets. Not to mention Brawl + project M etc, all done without a huge budget. These things didn't take years yet there is no DLC or patching confirmed for the new smash. Look up frynaut on youtube for his custom brawl work. a single youtuber develops this squid taking hardly any time or resources even making a sick kingdom hearts level. I think nintendo should be raised to higher standards when devloping takes this long no patches no dlc, Tripping existed in brawl with no fix? Nough said. 5 years with little to show each time.

watch the profanity, please. --Raylax

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Cut the profanity please and thank you. Also, this sounds like something you should discuss with nintendo, not us.
Also, I don't believe this site is the place for talk of modifications to Software/Hardware either, but I'm not sure of the extent of that rule.

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