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Hello and thanks for clicking on this. I would like to know if it would be better to had oot's ganon for ganondorfs final smash or are you good with tp's ganon? I mean..they could have changed the current ganon to make it so you can run around and charge at people..or a oot ganon and you could swing your swords for attack and people could go under or over you to attack your tail and then you take damage just like giga bowser

So..What Do You Think? Ocarina of Time Ganon or Twilight Princess Ganon for Ganondorfs final smash?

Let me know in the comments!

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Heh, Put your question in either (or both) of those threads below me for more visibility.

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Dont you get it? not the new ones just brawl and the new ones and quit asking me to do it in a diff thread now please leave an actual comment please..

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I think Ganondorf's moveset is going to change quite a bit in the new smash bros, to more resemble Link's moveset, at least for A moves because this may be the time they finally give him a sword. Rather than having Toon Link and Link be the heavy and light versions of that moveset, Link could just be the light one while Ganondorf would be the heavy one. I think his B moves will stay the same though, with a hopeful change to grabbing at the end of the side B rather than an automatic thing. That way, you could choose which direction to throw an opponent rather than suiciding with them if you catch them off the stage. As for the final smash, it would be nice to have a Gigabowser thing going on for that, but he may get something similar to his A moveset from Brawl, given that his sword would now be too small.

I also think Zelda and Shiek will be separated into two characters, being Zelda and Impa. Shiek is really no longer relevant, but Impa would have the same moveset. Given that these two characters are not the same person, it wouldn't make sense to switch between them on the fly, so each one would get some sort of new down B.



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