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CrimsonFire13 wrote:


Is this going to be how it woks?

I hope not lol, that looks outrageous and disgusting haha :0


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Ah, ok, i have never played fire emblem. Anyway i think grovelye and duskinor from explorers of sky should be playable and work like the ice climbers.

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  • each version of the game has completely different stages
  • cross-platform play wouldn't work
  • each version will interact with one another
  • take characters you've customized and transfer them to the Wii U version
  • customizatios won't be costumes and they won't be something that players have to unlock
  • different costumes would take away from what makes each character unique
  • wants to avoid boring, repetitive tasks
  • "stress free, easy connectivity" between the two versions
  • no comment on level editor

I wonder if the 3DS is the reason why we won't get any cross-play.


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Bulby wrote:

I think Mewtwo will return, due to his new form giving him an obvious Final Smash. We'll probably see some Gen 6 Pokemon we don't know about yet as a second Pokemon. I want Lucario to stay, but if he doesn't make it its not too bad.

Just PLEASE cut Jigglypuff, no one cares about her anymore...




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I should point out the Smash Bros. fan images have been the best thing to come out of E3. Well, 2nd to Sony burying Microsoft.

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I'm pretty sure Jigglypuff is case you haven't noticed, the original 12 has always been in Smash up to Brawl, highly doubt Sakurai will remove them in this game.


Bulby wrote:

Just PLEASE cut Jigglypuff, no one cares about her anymore...

Um. I do....... (He's/She's one of my favorite characters in smash.BTW)

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Bulby wrote:

Just PLEASE cut Jigglypuff, no one cares about her anymore...

You just can't get rid of any character from the original roster, it wouldn't be right!

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well heres my FINAL character list:
paper mario
king k rool(donkey kong country)
tempo (harmoknight)
lil mac (punch out!!)
ninten (mother)
the masked man (mother 3)
maxwell (scribblenauts)



By this point, I'm just going to sit back and wait to see what's revealed in the coming months. I would say that I'm going to stop speculating, but that would be the biggest lie ever.


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