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It was noticed that when playing with more then 4 people, certain stages had elements removed. And not just hazards, but even purely cosmetic parts of the background. Many of those cuts had to have been related to performance.

Now imagine 8 players as Ice Climber. You basically have 16 characters running around. Could it still run? Probably... but could it run at the target framerate? Maybe not.

I don't doubt that he would try to keep the rosters the same even if Wii U was (or is) capable, but it could very well be that BOTH platforms had limitations that got in the way of what the developers wanted to achieve.

As for why he didn't say that... Sakurai doesn't say a lot of things.

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@DarthNocturnal Huh. You make a very good point about the 8-player Smash thing. Don't blame me... I rarely ever play 8-player Smash nowadays so I basically forgot about it (I think I should return to it, tho... it's certainly a lot of silly fun).
But yeah, 16 Ice Climbers would be a disaster! 8 is most likely fine, though... I mean, the GameCube and Wii did it. But 16? Even on the significantly more powerful Wii U? When we start to consider the complexities of certain stages, I'm having my doubts. I'm guessing some detail would have to get cut out in order to maintain the optimum, preferred performance.

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Can you imagine watching 8 Nanas (and only the Nanas) going at a noticeably lower fps to keep the performance up?

That would be fun.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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DarthNocturnal wrote:

I hope they make it combined version of the Wii U and 3DS versions. All those stages into one version, as well as Smash Tour AND Smash Run... maybe even the trophies. And you thought Wii U and/or 3DS kept you busy.

This is exactly what I'd want the Switch version to be. The 3DS version had some really cool stages that I unfortunately didn't really get to play on that much in multiplayer due to the Wii U version being the default go-to version with my friends whenever we play. (I literally have only one friend that's ever willing to play the 3DS version with me...) Some of those stages would also look excellent in HD (like Magicant and Rainbow Road), and this could also potentially lead to more music choices on these stages (possibly even some new remixes).

I think even if it just adds a few HD versions of 3DS stages (with new music tracks added to them) and all of the DLC content from the Wii U and 3DS versions, it would make for a good "Deluxe" version of the game.

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Ugh… with alternate poses, they'd better be coming out with Smash Switch. I get that Nintendo doesn't want to prematurely announce it lest it cannibalises sales of the Wii U and/or 3DS versions, but I really, really hope that it is in the works and we aren't just anticipating it in vain. I've held off on buying the DLC in anticipation of it (I have the Mewtwo DLC and some of the early costume/level packs, but that's it).


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Where is the best place to go to learn how to run smash bros. mods?

Am I allowed to ask such a thing here?



I think this smash brothers still has a lot of life left like I said before they should add more characters like captain n from 80 cartoon show or previous characters like wolf or snake

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Relicsoldier wrote:

I think this smash brothers still has a lot of life left like I said before they should add more characters like captain n from 80 cartoon show or previous characters like wolf or snake

Doubt there are any plans to add any more DLC to the game. The Wii U is no longer a priority.



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