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Happy_Mask wrote:

Just nothing like shadow the hedgehog.

Mario with guns! lol It could happen XP

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I doubt that the next 3D Mario game will be Galaxy 3. And if it is Galaxy 3, it'll be the last galaxy. You can only bring a idea without making minor/major changes so far before everyone gets sick of it.

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PikminMonster wrote:

You can only bring a idea without making minor/major changes so far before everyone gets sick of it.




i dont think nintendos gona make another galaxy game, but i wouldnt put it past them to make a super mario universe >.> think about it. doing this gives them a way to put the U logo in a game title that wouldnt make it so forced, and they've already set up a trend (although they probably didnt plan it this way) super mario land, super mario world, super mario galaxy, point is it would only make sense to have a super mario bros universe. maby im looking a little too deep into this but >.> if this happens remember i called it

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For people who want a Mario game with an original story, play the Mario RPG games. The non-RPG Super Mario games are not about story, nor have they ever been. I'm one of those people who simply doesn't care about story in a video game. I play them for fun, not for a story.

@Chris720 I do like your idea for a more open Super Mario game. Something like Super Mario 64, except you can go other places besides Peach's Castle, sounds good.

randomusername wrote:

if this happens remember i called it

lol. Yeah, you and a thousand other people. Yeah, it does make sense that they would eventually have a "Super Mario Universe," and with the U in the Wii U's name, it does make sense that it would happen on Wii U. But there's just something magical about Super Mario and the number 3.

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What about an all bowser game, more then bowsers inside story was

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No, we don't need 3 Galaxy games. I think it's time to end it. As for the story... who cares. it's mario. The story of the 2 galaxy games aren't even connected. Also i'm not a fan of the liner levels of the newer games. I would like to see some thing fresh and new with mario wii u. So if they make Galaxy 3 it's going to be severely restricted. I personally would like to see huge sandbox levels. They can add the gravity affects, but get mario out of space.


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Star-Blaze wrote:

So if they make Galaxy 3 it's going to be severely restricted.

How are they going to be restricted at all? They can do literally anything with the galaxy series. They don't have to make it just like 1 and 2.
In any other Mario game, if you're in world 4 and world 4 is a ice world, then every level in the world has to be ice-themed. In the galaxy games, each level in every world can be ANYTHING. There's still plenty of room to be creative with the galaxy series.


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I like this but would rather have a Super Mario Sunshine 2.

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AlexSays wrote:

PikminMonster wrote:

You can only bring a idea without making minor/major changes so far before everyone gets sick of it.



They at least have the decency to make new Pokemon and not release 2 different games less than a year of each other and didn't single handedly overshadow tons of far better games on the Wii because of hypocritical "CORE GAMERS YO".

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Of course it doesn't have a lot of story. Although the first certainly did. But a trilogy means 3 of a series making it the best of all time (right now both are ranked up 97 in metacritic) . I don't know what they can do but the new controller can give them ideas. They will have to surpass or equal Yoshi though which is difficult. Especially blimp Yoshi.

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Nah, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was more than enough. I would much rather see something new.

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Personally I would love to see something Super Mario 64-esch on Wii U. THAT is a series that should be revisited!

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Whenever I see someone mention Super Mario Galaxy 3, I say something like, "Super Mario 3D Land is the closest we will ever get, not in the near future anyway."

I'm much more interested in a Super Mario Sunshine 2 at this point, it's weird how they're releasing both a New Super Mario Bros. 2 and a New Super Mario Bros. U at the same time.

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I think there will be a Super Mario Galaxy 3 eventually so it could be a trilogy. Even if there's completely different 3D Mario games before then. (Mario 3D Land is handheld)


I'd rather have a game more like 64.

If they made it, I would obviously get it, but I just doubt it.

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