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GamecubeMan wrote:

Can someone please explain to me why the project codename for the Wii U was "Project Cafe"

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-A Sonic Colors/Metroid Other M-esque game, where the game frequently switches from 2D to 3D (I loved the sidescroller bits in Mario Galaxy)
-Another game like Mario 64, where you get a lot of freedom and the levels aren't nearly as linear as they are today.
-A shooter of some sort, just to keep the Mario genre mixing going.

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Wow, honestly didn't think this thread would catch on again. I literally went to the very back of the Wii U archive and bumped this for the fun of it.

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GamecubeMan wrote:

Can someone please explain to me why the project codename for the Wii U was "Project Cafe"




WingedFish wrote:


Please don't do this, especially when there's a 29-page thread discussing the game in its current form. If you guys would like to continue this discussion, you're all more than welcome to do so in that thread if you like. Thank you!

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