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Remember the N64 DD? were a sequel for Mario 64 was in the beginning of development but till later they cancel it after the DD add on sold poorly. Would be possible if they decided to take Mario into this renovated castle 'Hub world' were you can jump into paintings warp into new worlds to explore, you get to punch kick again besides one those gimmicks that they used in Sunshine and Galaxy.



I wouldn't mind jumping into paintings again. It would be nostalgic. Just don't call it "Super Mario 64 2."

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superianmage1 wrote:

I wouldn't mind jumping into paintings again. It would be nostalgic. Just don't call it "Super Mario 64 2."

Yeah I see your point probably call it Super Mario Universe :/



"Super Mario Universe" almost seems too obvious. I'm sure it'll inevitably be used on at least game, rather it be this, Mario Kart, or Smash Bros.

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If you're really itching for some new Mario 64 action, you could try the ROMhack titled "Super Mario Star Road". Apparently it's a dramatic reworking of the original game into something entirely new, with a total of 30 new areas and 120 new stars;

EDIT: However, in order to play it you need an emulator and a copy of a Super Mario 64 ROM. And unfortunately, I can't talk about how to get those due to Nintendolife's policy on illegally downloading games. So you're on your own, mate.

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3Dangerous3Dash wrote:

Eh, Nintendo might have the guts to call it 64 2. They have been REALLY underthinking names lately, haven't you noticed? Mario Kart 7. Mario Party 9. Super Mario 3D Land(I didn't like the name) .

I agree on the other two but it's to be expected with MP9 as almost all Mario party games are numbered.


kkslider5552000 wrote:

V8_Ninja wrote:

That game looks both awful and awesome at the same time. Awful as in, it's fan-made and oh boy does it LOOK fanmade. Awesome as in it looks fun.

Really the fanmade game is fine only complaint here didn't bother making the new original boss fights for the game atop of that in not so spoiled alert the final boss bowser is dead easy in Star Road level. but over all good fanmade game at it's best. How ever I would like to play it if they ever release for purchase online for a third party cartridge copy of the game like what with the same as Super Mario World Returns to Dinosaur Island. google it if you never heard of it.



They should call it Super Mario 2 Into the paintings! I Failed hard...

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Super Mario 64 was the best 3D Mario, so i would like it.

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They called it Mario Kart 7 to celebrate how its the seventh Mario Kart title. I thought Super Mario 3D Land was a much better name than just a generic "Super Mario 3D"

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Super Mario 128?

In seriousness though, I agree that the 3D Land title sucked. I can see it being kind of nostalgic and I admit it is a clever throwback but otherwise, pretty lame.

And stop dissin' on Mario Party 76.

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