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JonnyKong wrote:

To 100% the game, do you have to get the gold flag with every character as well, or will just once do?

From what I've heard, just once will do fine. Doesn't matter who gets the gold flag so long as you get it in general.

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DestinyMan wrote:

What character are you best at? My best character is Toad by far, just like in Super Mario Bros. 2.

I often play as Mario or Peach.

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i mainly go for mario, although i switch it up sometimes.

put it on.


Peach and Toad, Peach for that delightful float, and Toad for Speed Running. I've already expressed my sentiments about the secret character, and as much as I like Mario and Luigi, they don't really appeal to me as much without a little gimmick.

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You know how you have to complete the game with every character to 100% it/get every stamp? Does this include doing that difficult Crown level with every character?

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Worlds 1-8 done 100%

Bring on the special worlds.

The last level before you fight Bowser, I forget its name, where you're on a large rotating block moving through lava.

My word, so hard. I lost a lot of lives.

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I'm gonna call it 100% when I get the last few stars in mystery house marathon. I'd do the other characters first if it didn't get that forced upon me after I made it to crown world. >:[

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Get ready to be mesmerized with this UK TV ad for Super Mario 3D World:

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They can't really make a TV advert better than that to be honest, just needs to up the frequency of how many times it gets shown.

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Do you think we'll get dlc for this game then?

I can quite easily see them creating more Captain Toad and Mystery House levels. Ideally I'd love a world full of brand new levels.

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I would love it if they made dlc "super luigi 3d world"



If they do add-on content or a downloadable expansion, I hope it's nothing like the New Super Luigi U expansion. I'd prefer a smaller number of more unique levels built around new themes that introduce a few new unique enemies, obstacles, and power-ups that weren't in the base game. It would also be cool if they gave us another playable character. I just want something that doesn't feel like completely recycled content (which is all Nintendo seems to be capable of with their downloadable content recently), even if it's less than a quarter of the base game's length (quality over quantity).

However, given recent comments from the game's producer, I'm highly doubtful Nintendo plans to create downloadable content for this game.


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I'm pretty sure someone confirmed there wouldn't be any DLC for this game (too lazy to find the source) but i'm sure that could change if there was enough demand for it. I'd love to see more Captain Toad levels. They could even release them as a standalone eShop game.

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