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I have now beaten the game and unlocked Rosalina.


I decided to defeat Bowser as Princess Peach to get back at him for years of kidnapping her. The final battle took place on an extremely tall and impressive tower. Bowser finally tried to use Mario and friends' power-ups against them by using the Super Bell on himself, causing him to become Tiger Bowser. Not only that, but he even used the Double Cheery to make TIger Bowser clones, and so he basically tried to knock off Peach as she made her way up the tower to rescue the Sprixie Princesses. The final battle was structured very much like Super Mario 3D Land's in that you don't actually fight Bowser directly, but rather have to avoid him through an obstacle course. However, 3D World's approach to this was a lot better and it was seriously awesome how the final battle ended.


A score of 10 is well deserved for this game. There is a serious amount of replaying here and there are so many ways you can play through the game. I found myself using the random button a lot to choose characters since I was fairly good as all the characters, but I ended up generally being good at playing Toad and Peach. Rosalina is also a fun character too. The later levels get quite challenging, but I never seriously got stuck. I guess it must be a combination of me having a ton of lives thanks to the koopa shell trick in World 1-2 and I'm skilled at this game. The Plessie levels are a bunch of fun. The Captain Toad levels were pretty neat and I cleared them easily. This game is pure fun and it's a must have for every Wii U owner!

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Well, so much for uploading a lot of 3D World videos...quality ends up being crappy in WMV format....and I'm stuck with having to use AVI. (large filesize...>.>) Ah well...still recorded a couple of levels of playing with my sister....gonna take forever to upload though. (maybe, might just upload the first castle level...since the boss fight was kinda funny. I was just casually walking ahead as Cat Mario, my sister lost her cat suit and didn't know how to fight back without it was funny while she was jumping around trying to stay alive. xD)


Watching the Giant Bomb quicklook of the game and it looks amazing. Def going to pick this up along with the Zelda Wii U sometime in the next two months.

Anyone find any soundtrack tips on the youtube yet.


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I'm loving this game so far. I plan on playing it with a friend tomorrow. I'm really curious to see how fun multiplayer is.

As much as I love the game, though, I'm still not seeing how it scored as high as it did. Maybe I'm just not far enough in the game to see the whole picture.

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Does it tell you who you complete a level with so you can keep track of who's completed which levels?

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JonnyKong wrote:

Does it tell you who you complete a level with so you can keep track of who's completed which levels?

i havent got the game but ive heard its similar to 3d land where you have to do each level with each character for 100%. 3d land had a little mario or luigi icon showing who youd reached the flag with so i assume it would be the same.

put it on.


Aye that's what I wanted to know. I read too that you need to complete each level with every character so it would be nice to have an easy way of keeping track of who I completed each level with.

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JonnyKong wrote:

Does it tell you who you complete a level with so you can keep track of who's completed which levels?

After each level a flag appears with your character's logo on it. I don't know if that changes if you beat it again with someone else, though.

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I was on YouTube watching videos of this game and an ad for Meow Mix appeared in the ad box.

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Christmas time is 3D world time (just like with Galaxy, Sunshine, 64..........hey wait a minute!?!)

@SomeBitTripFan They should have a commercial, with Mario and the gang meowing the meow mix song, promoting the game, I would buy a bag of meow mix if they did that XD

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I keep getting an Error Code of 105-3016 when trying to download my copy. It says that the data is corrupted...

I made sure I had enough space on my hard drive, I visited the storage management to find the data to delete it and try to redownload it again... but to no avail. Can anyone help me with this?

It's due to my external hard drive being plugged in, for some odd reason. Thank goodness for the fact that I had enough space for it on my Deluxe Wii U.

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This game's soundtrack is absolutely brilliant. Probably the best soundtrack outside the Super Mario Galaxy games!
Pipeline Lagoon, or the beach theme from Koji Kondo (the underwater version also sounds amazing).

Shifty Boo Mansion, or the ghost house theme.
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It's not much but I really like the Super Mario Kart remix. I hope to appreciate the rest of the soundtrack and the whole game in general when I play multiplayer with a friend of mine who has a Wii U.

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ow man... 5 more days
@DestinyMan that sounds great man!

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Anyone else here feel like they've played the game for hours and hours, only to find out you only played it for an hour or two? Not in a bad way, of course.

I think it's that the levels are so short, and I'm running into such a variety of levels, it feels like I've played a lot longer than I actually have.

I beat the game in like 7 hours in single player, but I had a ton of fun along the way,. Now I've gotta go back and get all the green stars and stamps and stuff. Really wanna take this to my brother's house sometime for some multiplayer!

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@vonboy89: I definitely understand that feeling. I'm deep into the secret worlds already, and there is just so much to do that it feels surreal that I'm not terribly far away from the true ending by the end of the third day since the game's release. I've been playing the heck out of this game to the point that I either get too tired or my GamePad almost runs out of energy.

I originally had a small concern about the shortness of the levels, but now I have no qualms. They are short, but I still feel satisfied clearing them and want to play them over and over again, especially the Plessie levels. Wow, those are so fun! Many green stars and stamps are also very tricky to find, further making you want to play those levels again to explore everywhere.

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I've got a couple of questions about the game,

Are all the special world levels completely unique and original, or are they 'remixes' of the main worlds?

Also, how do the ghost Miis work when you race them? Do they appear randomly? Do you turn them on or off before a level for example? And can you race the ghosts of people from your friends list, or is it always a bunch of randoms?


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