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Will this be available right at midnight no matter the time zone



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Someone playing Super Mario 3D World on Xbone.

I expect a huge input lag. Curious if they have mentioned it?
Because it has to go through 2 things now. Console and TV, and each takes some time to process.
It was consepted for TV only in the first place.

I doubt the lag would be there if they had played entirely on the Wii U, and not Xbox One.

What do you want to tell me with that?
Of course it wouldn't..

Plugging in the Wii U to the Xbox One is EXACTLY what I was thinking when they showed an HDMI in port. I watched the video and saw the lag. They'll probably fix the lag via a firmware update, but I'd rather just have them separate.

I wouldn't want to power on my Xbox One to play Wii U, but if they allowed something that worked where I turn on the Xbox One and it turns on whatever's connected, I wouldn't even have to switch systems at all. This is assuming they fix the lag, though.

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I think it'd be nice because it saves a hdmi on



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Will this be available right at midnight no matter the time zone

I think 12am EST



Microsoft would be a OG if they fixed the lag. You'd still be able to do stuff on Xbox One's UI, so Skype, etc. would still be happening. I figure Nintendo will end up getting those sort of features going eventually, anyway, but it's still interesting.

I don't use the social features that much anyway, but it would still be neat to never have to power one off for another. I could go from Mario to KI. Meh, I don't have money for it now...


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The hype train has arrived at its destination.

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Annnnd its out, woo....(gotta wait until the afternoon, lol)

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Go to bed... Or wait 40 minutes?



So if I live in the Central time zone, I can download it now. Oofta



Why does it have to release on the 29th over here, whyyy?

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Why does it have to release on the 29th over here, whyyy?

I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat

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Only a week to go, we can hold on! I've ordered my copy through Simplygames and they're usually pretty good at getting them out early, so I'm hoping to get it Thursday.

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also if you have the mayflash gamecube controller adaptor for wii u you can play 3D World with it! only thing is tho the long jump/crouch is set to "z" and the run is set to "y", but i tried this earlier and it works rather well~ though i prefer the wii u pro controller it was nice to see it works~!

so in total the control schems include
Wiimote / Wiimote + Nunchuck
Wii U Pro Controller
Classic Controller / Classic Controller pro /// Mayflash adaptor which maps the CC layout to any GCN controller

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Yeah, the controller support here is awesome. I was thinking that it was just Wii Mote or Pro Controller which is nice but I only have one Pro. My immediate thought was "wars over the Pro Controller!" because nobody wants to play a 3D Platformer with a WiiMote. But Nunchuk? Classic Controller? Problem solved!

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[sneaks back into the thread]

Do you need Motion+ or can you just use any regular old Wiimote?

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Beat the first two worlds. This is an awesome game!


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