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@BlueBlurIxM It's the color blurring. His sleeve is definitely green, so no Ice Flower here.

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DestinyMan wrote:

The game is coming this Friday. There needs to be a little more excitement in this thread.

Let this GIF be a perfect representation of how much money this game is going to make for Nintendo.

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^ That train looks GOLD!

Too bad I have to wait for the 29th... You lucky barstewards

Watch the language please -Lz

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DefHalan wrote:

I wanted to get this but got laid off hopefully I can get back to working and get some money for this soon

Sadly, I'm in the same boat.


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I'm both excited and nervous to read all the reviews tomorrow, although I know I shouldn't be nervous cos the game is clearly gonna be awesome.

What score do we predict from NL?

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I seriously can't wait for this game now, and if I see praise across the board when the embargo ends tomorrow...


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I think a 9 is definitely the least it will get, 3D Land got a 9 and this games looks better in my eyes so I reckon a 10 is a good possibility.

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I'm so excited for this game.

Even though it's coming out on the 22nd, I'm most likely just waiting until Christmas to get it.
Just for things to be more special. I needed gift ideas anyways

So the long wait continues ;__;

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I'm so jealous that NA gets it on the 22nd. I have to wait another Week..
Would have been a great week end - getting 3D World on Friday to bypass the day to the Doctor Who Special Saturday evening.

Doctor Who + 3D World + Weekend = Huge explosion!!

I'm feeling a bit nerdy at the moment... blush :3

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Emaan wrote:

I'm so excited for this game.

Even though it's coming out on the 22nd, I'm most likely just waiting until Christmas to get it.
Just for things to be more special. I needed gift ideas anyways

So the long wait continues ;__;

Same here, along with a Wii U for me as well. Oh well, I rather play this game on Christmas anyway because it would feel more special. Plus, I want it so I can play it all winter break instead of having to go to school all the time and only play it for two days due to how busy I am.

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I'm sorry to hear some of you guys have been laid off . Praying that you guys can find employment soon.



where da reviews at?

put it on.


Super Mario 3D World is a tribute to previous Mario games and Mario Kart 8 is too. Mario Kart 8 will have the same affect that Super Mario 3D World will have: gorgoeous, fun gameplay, and full of stuff from previous Mario games.

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I think the reviews might appear 6pm UK time, I remember that's when the Pikmin 3 reviews came online.

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the suspense is killing me.... well not really, we know the games gunna score big

put it on.


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