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@Luigi789 3D land was my least favorite Mario game out of what I've played (Pretty much all aside from obscure ones), so it's kind of obvious why I wouldn't like 3D World... also I beat 3D Land in 6 hours, and no I didn't use the cat suit... I feel like it was a huge waste of money, especially since I find it has no replay value. Kind of scared same thing would happen with 3D World. So since it's your favorite, I take it you liked 3D Land as well?

***3D Land Spoilers below***

Did you unlock the bonus stages? If it only took you 6 hours you probably only played half of the game (the less enjoyable, hand-holding first half).

The first part of the game is ridiculously easy (which is a little off putting at first), but that is literally only half of the game and the bonus levels are more challenging than the first half.

The second half of the game can only be unlocked after beating the first 8 worlds. Even after beating these levels (I don't want to spoil to much) there's even more content to unlock. Try the game out again. It'd be a shame if you missed out on the real meat of the game.

I enjoyed 3D Land and World, but I much prefer the REAL 3D mario games with explorable worlds, aka Mario Sunshine and Mario 64. I really hope Nintendo makes another open world adventure platformer Mario game. Nothing like Nintendo adventure games in my opinion.

In six hours, I'm pretty sure he did do all the worlds. But I don't like it when people say things like that.

Every person that says "I beat the game in (insert number here) hours" ends up saying that they didn't like the game. In other words, a substantial amount of people that rush through the game don't like it. However, the people that take their time and enjoy the game end up loving it, like myself.

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@mega It shouldn't be a surprise that I'm going to recommend you give this game a shot and try to hold your opinions until the end of the game, because the difficulty REALLY picks up. 3D World doesn't follow the NSMB convention of the final world having 8/9 levels. Instead, it has four bonus worlds, one with 9(?) levels, one with 7 remixed levels, one with 12 remixed level, and the last one with the final level, designed to test every skill you've ever needed in this game without checkpoints or power-ups to help you along. The run down is something like this:

Worlds 1 and 2: Easy mode
World 3: Easy mode with gimmicks
Worlds 4 and 5: Kickin' up the difficulty a notch
Worlds 6 and 7: Harder
World 8: HARDER!!
World 9: YOU IN PAIN, YET?!

What I will add, though, is that DKCTF is by far a more challenging game and with a much more prominent completion game and Time Trials to keep replayability high. Even afterwards, there's Hard mode to thrust you right back into the action. The only problem is that if you rush the game, it won't last long. Hint hint: Don't just try to get to the end as fast as possible. This is a game to be explored and enjoyed, and the hardest levels don't rear their ugly heads until you do.

I've also seen that Wonderful 101 is great for difficulty. Even on Easy it can kick some serious tail. Rayman Legends also has a fair bit of challenge, though the online is the main attraction, after the story mode.

Just some suggestions.

ON ANOTHER NOTE!!! Should we really have this thread? Shouldn't we just talk in the pre-existing Super Mario 3D World thread?

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