Topic: Stuck on Chapter 14 in Lego City - Shields are built but it says they still need to be built.

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Hi all,

I am totally stuck on Chapter 14 in Lego City.

After the helpcopter ride, you hop in a truck and drive to Blackwell Towers to build the 4 shields. I built the 4 shields, but the 4 icons at the top of the screen never changed to a check mark. I also 'arrested' all 8 of the bad guys, but it keeps telling me to build the shields.

I watched a couple walkthroughs on YouTube, but nothing seems to be wrong. I also tried to use each character, but there is nothing left to build.

Any ideas?

Thanks all!




I know this post was a while ago, but I have just experienced the same issue. Was anything resolved? It's really frustrating.

Thanks very much!



Thanks very much for the response. Is there a specific way to activate them? That part of the game now always starts with them already build and the time just ticking down to 0. There are no ticks above the icons at the top of the screen even though they are all already built.



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