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Topic: StarFox, F-Zero and Smash Bros. making E3 appearances (rumor)

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Mickeymac wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

5th Element.

...why have I never heard of that movie. :/

it's kind of a good movie

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It's one of the best movies ever. If any movie was ever worthy of thread halting gifs then it would probably be it.

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Well, then that'll probably be my next movie then. :P

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If Super Smash Brothers is there at all, it will just be an animated trailer like what Brawl got. I wouldn't mind that at all, actually.

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You didn't hear this from me but rumour is there are more rumour threads on the way, also would be surprised if SSB wasn't shown as it was announced quite a while ago now.

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there is absolutely no way smash bros. on wii U is gonna get thrown out of the window! an amazing series which needs to go on until i die, but enough about smash bros. for nao. so yeah, star fox and f-zero as well! we need a star fox game with the same flavor as star fox 64! we need the graphics to be amazing, the gameplay to be fantastic and stuff like dat yada yada yada! why am i saying so many things now? :P

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I coulf care less about F-Zero (Though if it played like the original I would buy it), but StarFox NEEDS TO HAPPEN! It's been forever since we've had a completely new SF game, (Which was command) and it wasn't really good. They did a good job on SF643D, and didn't they say at E3 2010 That they originally planned a new starfox? With the Wii U coming, it would be the perfect game.

As for Smash Bros, a little teaser trailer would be nice. Even if it only had Mario and Link, it would still be interesting.

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Reala wrote:

You didn't hear this from me but rumour is there are more rumour threads on the way, also would be surprised if SSB wasn't shown as it was announced quite a while ago now.

Announced and starting development are 2 different things, Sakurai just started after KIU was released so if the show something it won't be anything to get excited over, except that it's happening and we all knew that before

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Starfox: 50% chance

F-zero: 20% chance (remember that Miyamoto said that maybe the time is coming that they can bring something new to the franchise, meaning that it may not be in the works yet)

Smash bros: 10% chance. Just a teaser, no real trailer. It's just to early!