Topic: StarFox, F-Zero and Smash Bros. making E3 appearances (rumor)

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I think it will happen.

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Good things come to those who wait.

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Even if it's a mention, I hope it happens.

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Is anyone keeping count of these that were just made today??

...thought I would like to see these series.

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Rumor: Nintendo to show new entries in series fans like.

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Adam wrote:

Rumor: Nintendo to show new entries in series fans like.

Highly doubt it.

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The WiiU is going to have every game every gamer would ever want, and Urban Champion.


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You know, it would be kinda funny if this actually happened.

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smash bros and f-zero seem unlikely
Smash Bros - Kid icarus barely came out so I don't think there was enough time for them to make something for E3 unless they rush it.
F-Zero - I don't believe it will be at E3 but it'll be on the Wii U later on my guess is in the form of a downloadable title since it sounded like that was what Miyamoto was hinting at.
Starfox - Well Retro said they were working on a title that fans have been wanting for a while now. They are good at working with old franchises and Starfox has a bigger fanbase than F-Zero

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This isn't a rumor! It's a blog post!

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RevolverLink wrote:

The WiiU is going to have every game every gamer would ever want, and Urban Champion.


LMAO!!! I missed that GIF so much.



Mickeymac wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

5th Element.


...why have I never heard of that movie. :/

too be fair, I've heard the movie referenced like 200+ times, and ALL I know about is Chris Tucker.

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