Topic: Star Fox/Metroid Hybrid game developed by Retro. *RUMOR*

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Me no like this Y U NO just make two different games Retro Star fox and metroid in the same game will not work.

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What an interesting way to save money. 2 in one. I don't believe in this.



Yeah no. Not happening for many reasons though there are simple work arounds.


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So first it's "Retro Studios working on Metroid Prime 4 for WiiU!", then it's "Retro Studios working on a new StarFox title for WiiU!" and now someone figured to combine these rumors? BRILLIANT!

I seriously doubt this.

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Combine a game with dark, Alien- like atmosphere to a game what reminds me of The Muppets. Yeah, this is the stupidest rumor ever.

Edit: I changed my mind. This could be actually interesting.

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Yeah, no. It's not really a hybrid if you're just playing two different, almost completely unconnected games and then they "meet up at the end." Plus these game worlds have nothing in common besides being scifi and shooting things. Metroid + Zelda would work better, honestly.



I hear there's a Final Fantasy/Resident Evil/Kirby's Epic Yarn Crossover... Because I said so

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I dunno, it sounds pretty cool I guess. I definitely trust Retro. The only thing I'm worried about is that it'll end up like with humor like Uprising. I mean, I enjoyed it and all, but i really dn't want or thik mMetroid wuld work well with tat kind of humor. Sta Fox might, But I think this would be better f it had a more serious tone i guess.

But like I said, I do trust Retro, so whatever they want is fine with me~ < 3

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Always thought Metroid and Star Fox would fit in together. Taking it with a grain of salt but I'm down for anything new.



New Metroid? Great!
New Starfox? Great!
New Metroid mixed with new Starfox? Weird!

I trust Retro and I trust that whatever they make will be great, but this sounds like a long shot.

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The thing i like about this game is it supose to be massive and the fixed cockpit view on tv and with the wii u pad you can look around the cockpit and also fly samus ship like an arwing.could work

Wii U StarFox in Dx11.Yes please.


pixelman wrote:

Metroid + Zelda would work better, honestly.

Assuming that was sarcasm. Hoping it was sarcasm.

Star Fox and Metroid combination sounds like mixing gravy with cake. Just because they're both great doesn't mean they belong together.

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whoever came up with this is just plain stupid

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I wonder what peoples reaction to this will be if it turns out to be real. I kinda like it.



Hmm... I'm a big Metroid fan. Star Fox, I like but I wouldn't call myself a fan. A crossover... could work, if done correctly. Or could wind up a mess. Either way, I'm not buying this rumor. Too much of a long shot. If it did end up being real, fine by me. Either way, we're almost to E3, if this exists, we'd probably find out by then.

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DId i say i kinda like it? Scratch that, this is freaking awesome! I don't understand why people complain about their universes being to different, that's half the fun with crossovers! Yes, i get it that Star Fox is more light-hearted than Metroid (although i was under the impression that both Advanture and Assault was very serious games), but i don't think it will be a big problem.



Metroid is too story-oriented for a cross over. They'd actually have to try to make it work, which it won't. Then there's the completely different gameplay styles...I just don't think it's a good idea, and besides, Retro's done with Metroid for a while, right? So why would they pick it up again, and for a cross over at that?

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This could work if they do it right by finding a way to meld both franchise properly and not to isolate fans



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