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Hey guys, I have some news that Nintendo Kingdom hearts fans will find interesting. Today it was announced that the Kickstarter project candle would come to Wii U. Pretty normal right? Well the shader for the game uses Direct x11! You know, which was the 'reason' KH3 wasn't coming to Wii U? Square said it wasn't compatible with it! Now it appears that was false. What are your thoughts?


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Yeah, I was curious about that. It seems that the CANDLE developers are working with Wii U's Direct X10 and modifying it to work more similarily to Dircet X11 with practically no noticeable differences. To me, I see the real reason why Wii U isn't getting Kingdom Hearts 3 is poor sales.
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@Tasuki: This isn't a random kickstarter post, it's talking about the supposed reasoning behind KH3 not coming to Wii U possibly being false.

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Ooops my bad I seen that now. My apologize guess I had to much to drink tonight.

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OK, this is huge:

“Whichever consoles that handle that tool can be used to port the game, so we just care about the specification of each hardwares, and we hope that they would maintain the original high qualtiy of the game we are making when it’s ported to the consoles.”


Not a surprise, really. A lot of companies are trying to jump ship because of image and sales regarding the Wii U. KH3 could run on Wii U, but holding out for Xbox One and PS4 makes KH look more "hardcore" and "powerful".

THIS is the main reason Nintendo should really buy Atlus. If they were to have two of the best JRPG devs on their side--Monolith and Atlus (and maybe some potential for Mistwalker)--people couldn't make excuses for games that could technically be on the system, especially JRPGs.

Personally, I find no KH3 no loss, but I understand that a lot of people love the series and have already supported in on Nintendo systems. This is more reason I gave up on SE a while ago, but I also understand that a lot of people still love them so I hope the best in their KH3 pursuits.

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Even NintendoLife got caught in this mess:

Nomura never said that it wasn't coming to the Wii U. He actually didn't even mentioned the Wii U in that interview, though he confirmed KH3 to be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. What he said is every platform that can support the tools — specifically DirectX11 — is meant for consideration.

If mainstream media ever speak up about that blunder, I'd be amazed to hear Square Enix officially ruling the game out on Wii U for "performance issues." I would be specifically looking for Nomura's reaction as the ones that taught him gaming at Square are currently making X at Monolith Soft: I don't see Nomura himself daring to insult them.


At first I thought this was a fanboy conspiracy, but it makes sense that you could try working w/ Direct X 10 instead of redoing everything to work with Direct X 11's Open GL equivalent. Now it's a little sad Square Enix isn't porting it, when there's the easy way to do it even.

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I'll be honest, this thread has already cleared up more information than every "is Wii U ok or not?" thread combined

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Candle use Unity 4 which is a multiplatform engine, a scalable engine. The version of DirectX a game uses on PCs doesn't suggest what features a console supports. Just saying.



This is nonsense. They've barely started to program KH3, but they'll be writing that code around the hardware of the PS4. The only reason it's coming to the Xbox One is the ease of porting due to similar hardware. Could they write a whole other set of code to get it running on the very different Wii u hardware? Maybe but at that point it's not a port it's a whole new game.



R_Champ wrote:

Not a surprise, really. A lot of companies are trying to jump ship because of image and sales regarding the Wii U. KH3 could run on Wii U, but holding out for Xbox One and PS4 makes KH look more "hardcore" and "powerful".

Dude, it's a few fifteen-year-olds with giant keys fighting with Disney characters. Doesn't exactly scream hardcore and powerful as it is. Not knocking it for anyone who likes it, just saying.

Personaly I don't really care about them not porting it, all I care about is the fact that they lied about it.

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Well, if they design it with the PS4 in mind, then it would make it harder to port it to the Wii U and odds are it'd be an inferior (graphically at least) so it'd be better to just skip the Wii U entirely in Square Enix's eyes.

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Peach64 wrote:

This is nonsense.

Please. Look at the Square Enix source, watch the 1-hour Square Enix video, listen to what Nomura himself says, and tell me that BS again.


Again, Square Enix themselves didn't say anything about the Wii U port. Neither that it is or will be, neither that it isn't or will not be. Somebody at GameTrailers made a tweet out of it, and media blew it out of proportion: the source is here, now I want those denying it to find their source, straight from Square Enix, stating that the game will not come to Wii U.

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