Topic: Sports Connection bundled with Wii U motion plus?

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I guess this is the Wii Remote Plus(which mean the Motion plus is built in) but looking at the price of the game,I can't see it being true.

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Sainsbuyers have always been reliable when it comes to descriptions. Am guessing this is just Wii Sports for the Wii U? So I think the price is fare if it does come with a controller. Reminds me of that Wii Play that came with a controller and that was only £40.



Here's the reply I got from Sainsburys when I asked them to confirm that this bundle contains the Wii U game "Sports Connection" and a "Wii-U Remote Plus".

"Thank you for your email regarding your order for "Sports Connection Bundle (Includes Wii U Motion Plus)". I am happy to confirm that sports connection is included and the remote will either be black/white in colour. I am sorry that I could not be more specific."


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Nintendo have begun removing the Wii remotes and start selling the Wii U remotes.

It's only a cosmetic change.


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It's just a Wii Remote Plus ( Wii motion plus built in), with Wii U branded packaging. Though the sync button is now placed outside of the battery cover.



Ahh right I think I will leave Sports Connections for a little while. I don't need another Wii remote so ill wait until I can find the game separate.



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