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WaveBoy wrote:

Ultra HD 4320p huh? Sounds mightly ridiculous and absolutely pointless.

yea and someone once told me that in japan it takes 3 TB's per broadcast. which makes it sound even more far fetched considering not even blue-rays could handle the format to begin with?

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Nywho, I don't think it was 4320p or UHD on the horizon anyways. I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure that "4k" is 1080p's successor and the 4k there reffers to the horizontal resolution rather than the vertical. From 3112p down to 1714p depending on the aspect. We will want more resolution out of our screens I can guarantee it........ I'm just, as you guys are, skeptical about it being purely in the 2D. I fully expect us to go to 4k for 2D screens but the real advances and pushing of this tech will be in multi-angled displays.

Think 3DS but with 20 horizontal angles and maybe 2 vertical and then in 1080p...... that's 127MP vs the 2MP of HD, the 12MP of 4k and 33MP of UHD. Consoles are going to need to eventually push a lot more pixels than 1080p regardless of which direction we go.

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The Wii U is 1080p and the games are suppoused to be in that format.

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In the PC gaming world, using multimonitor is not something so uncommon, even in configurations extended vertically with 3x3 screens. That's one of the big advantages of PCs, the flexibility. Eventually, Sony may release a PS4 as a more powerful PS3 with more options to connect to TVs or even monitors. Then game devs may release a game that works perfectly on PS3, but in PS4 you can increase detail level, resolution, etc. Same way most PC games work, so they can run in low-specs computers and run with much more detail in hi-specs ones.



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