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I was just watching SC2 on GC and I thought, "Boy, I would really like to see this on Wii U with Link". What do you think?

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I'd buy it. Not for full price, of course.

Although they might not want to reuse a guest character, but with all the other franchises going to Wii U now, this is definitely a possibility.

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I guess it could happen and I don't see why not.

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We all know soul caliber will be on wii u. Link i'm not so sure about i'd rather see Zelos (ToS)

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Heck, yes. The recent Soul Calibur was amazing on the PS3/Xbox 360. Imagine what they could do with it on Wii U. My guess is what put them off on making an entry on this series on to the Wii as well is resolved with the Wii U. That's just my take, anyway.

Not sure what features they'd integrate on to the touch-screen tablet, but either way, it would be interesting to find out, were they to actually carry this out.



Maybe ike than, or if GC is on virtual console, we could get SC2. So than we can play Link.

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I wouldnt mind a Soul Caliber on the Wii U. Of course I doubt they would use Link again.

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i like the soul calibur games- they're very fun and a wii U outing would be terrific



SCV better come to WiiU :3



i know that in each of the last few soulcalibur games they have special cameo appearances by characters from other video games. like in soulcalibur 2 for the gamecube, there was link from zelda, star wars's yoda in SC4 and assassins creed's ezio auditore in SC5.

i'd like to see link and ike from fire emblem in the wii U game.

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well if a game is coming its probably more likely to be SC5 with Ezio and not an exclusive guest character from said systems, theres always sc6 for that if they dont continue that direction they are doing now



if SC5 gets released on the wii U or 3DS with ezio in it, i'll be fine with that.



Soul Caliber is the best fighting series ever. It takes much more skill to master than just random button mashing (Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat).

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as a namco fighting game, i prefer soul calibur to tekken. it's got a great combat system and the characters each have different weapons and it's good that not all of them wield a sword.



Don't forget the amazing soundtrack. My favorite in all the games is Unwavering Resolve



Oh, neat idea(s)!

They'd need a "Wii U-mode", multi-teared bishoji-style levels and code for one hit kill or more severe hits, with overall overhauled game-play flow (not just rounds and time, though these should be available as "old-school-modes)

So, I expect (see my thread on Wii U Expectations..) not just Soul Calibur U, but ALL Wii U titles to be so SOOO dealt with in a new light and view, and exclusive/special/awesome content experiences, and multiple ways to play all games....(think mod for U games that want to support it, and overriding Wii U mode that can help you in-game/not-playing-game, and so forth...

yeah, what was the main topic again... Oh, Soul Calibur for Wii U!!! Yeh!!!

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tendoboy1984 wrote:

Soul Caliber is the best fighting series ever. It takes much more skill to master than just random button mashing (Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat).

You don't "master" any of those games by button mashing.

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Link is overpowerd in SC2. Just how I like it

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