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After playing it for a good while I think it's definitely better than a 5/6 rating.the problem for me is that the game starts very well but then seems to go in reverse and gets less enjoyable the further you get into it unlike mario which starts well and just gets better, which is very disappointing for me as I really enjoyed the early part.its a a shame the game doesn't kick on from there because im still replaying the windy hill levels,most of the rest of the game just doesn't flow as wepl as those early parts.i prefer sonic generations to this tbh.



By mario I meant in general not any one in particular.



This is the best thing:

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^That's the kind of thing that they should put in trailers. Goes to show this game allows for thinking outside the box, at least.

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Sonic says 'don't judge my graphics based on crappy looking youtube videos... Here's a pic of me taken straight from MAB's Miiverse gallery'

Sonic says 'this is me flying through the air... Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!!



Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Whoa that gameplay was cool.
Honestly, so far, my main problem with this game is the graphics. They look so ...idk just doesn't look as good as generations.

You can see it on the opposite way. Generations was overloaded with stuff and grafics that you can have problems always having sight on Sonic.
Lost World is made for pure gameplay. That's why they gave it 60 fps, without ignoring some good grafics and not beeing overloaded like Gen.



RancidVomit86 wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

This is the best thing:

Also like how people keep on saying it is a Mario Galaxy knock off despite Sega tampering with this idea long ago with Sonic Xtreme.

I like to think the game is trying to combine Colors and X-treme, with a bit of SMG thrown in for good measure.

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Sorry if this has been asked. Haven't read previous posts.

Any sign of a UK demo?



While the controls for the game could use some fixing and tweaking... I'm having alotta fun with it. Just like with Wonderful 101... this game also got trashed for no good reason.

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I both love and hate this game. I love when things are going well which is about 3/4 of the levels, but I hate when things are going bad. I've already given up 3 or 4 times saying I wasn't ever going back, only to go back and beat the level I was stuck on in 1 or 2 tries. The more frustrated you get the harder the game gets,which is true in all aspects of life but this game gets really annoying. I honestly don't see the point in dieing and having a game over screen just to be put back to the front of a level. And having a feather put you to the next checkpoint when you are down to 0 lives, only to be taken to a boss and dieing, and having to redo the entire level again - I 'm thinking Jungle World 2 w/ the missile boss at the end - is just aggravating for aggravations sake. And why am I collecting all those rings if they don't give me extra lives? I can't find a reason to ever have more than just a few rings you can grab 1 back when you get hit. but I do enjoy the variety, a litle KAtamari, a littl eDonkey Kong, a whole lot of SMG. The Wisps are pretty useless and uncontrollable though, I only like the underground 1.

I'ld give it a 7/10 or 3 1/2 out of 5. I'ld give it a 8 or 4 for an infinite lives option, or even 99, dont think I'ld ever really need more than 15 or 20 to beat a level. I'm just too stressed once I get to 1 or 2 lives I just lose it. I don' tthink it should always be this away, I know more people like a challenge than a cakewalk, but a cheat code would be nice. Letting me skip the minecart levels in DKCR is the only way I kept going, I HATE those minecart levels. There is no enjoyment in memorization of timed jumps. The sonic grinding levels were a piece of cake in comparison.

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^ The minecart levels in the country games are my favourite!


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Anybody play the demo in the Eshop and have the sound get weird like it skips during gameplay.



I'm not sure what to make of the demo. I am just really disappointed that this game is not the hit I thought it could be.

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To follow up on my last comment, Joystik's review I feel was spot on. It reads a lot like my previous post, only well written.

I've given up again at Skyroad 2 - those laser beams are not my idea of Sonic fun - but I've read there's a quick way to 99 lives using the 4th flower in Desert Ruins 2 so maybe I'll try that. If I can have a cache eof 40 or 50 lives I should be able to finsih it. Maybe.

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