Topic: Someone 'hacked' Miiverse (GoNintendo article)?

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It's only a rumour so far, but it looks like some pretty bad stuff might go down soon if Nintendo doesn't fix this security hole. Apparently this person on NeoGAF got into a Wii U debug menu and ended with options to delete admin accounts and such like. Thankfully he doesn't say how he did it, but the fact anyone can apparently end up with the powers to act as a Nintendo staff member, access prototype/beta content and do other potentially unsavoury things is not good news, and I'd advise everyone to avoid giving away any personal information until Nintendo can either fix the issue or prove it doesn't exist.

God, this is terrible news for Nintendo if true.

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oh ninty...

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I'll believe him when he shows how he did it or when he says how he did it.

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fastest new console hack ever?

congratz nintendo !!!

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I have a hard time believing this. That is a crazy fast amount of time to figure that kind of stuff out. Unless if someone from within Nintendo is doing this, then I'm going to need some convincing.

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So the guy hacking found this in the miiverse



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Is this the reason Miiverse was down for hours?

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looks like custom groups and nothing more

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...Eh...I'm probably not gonna believe this, Nintendo makes their systems very difficult to hack into. Last I checked, no one hasn't even hacked into the 3DS yet, right?

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Well, that escalated quickly.



Update: Apparently, it's been fixed now, according to Twitter. Back to our boring lives now, all.



So... was there a breach?

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Apparently not anymore!

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