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Alright, what I'm about to say is based on personal opinion about what happened before and after Nintendo's announcement at the VGX, so let's get to it:

The first thing you need to know is that VGX is something that most gamer shouldn't care about, especially Nintendo fans, because it's not a worldwide event like E3. Instead, it's a Spike TV's event, which mean it's based on US gaming market, which focuses on "M" rated games.

Now to the point, I've watched the first hour of the event, and yes even Nintendo's announcement, and to tell you the truth, I was disappointed just like most of the users here on NL, when Nintendo's announcement was Cranky Kong being available and a small gameplay of him in a new couple of stages. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the game is bad, in fact, the game looks better than before. I was expecting that Nintendo will be introducing some trailers like Bayonetta 2 or Monolith Soft's X, which both Wii U exclusives, but you know what? I'm glad they didn't, and for two reasons:

1- Why does Nintendo need to bring their big guns on an events that lasts merely 3 hours, and for an audience (There were no audience in VGX except two men who think that they're funny) who doesn't appreciate Nintendo's quality of game making? It was a wise move for Nintendo to just give a small glimpse of their upcoming game DKC:TF. Also, They have given Nintendo like 10-15 minute to talk about and the hosts already making fun of Reggie and his retro developers.

2- They (Nintendo) know that they will be overshadowed by other big developers, even if they released some footage of let's say Mario Kart 8 or at least one stage demo of Bayonetta 2, which I'm glad they didn't because it should be kept as a surprise. And the media is focused on the "next-gen" consoles more than Nintendo, that's why Nintendo didn't reveal trailers of big games.

Unfortunately, Most people sees VGX as a something that can be compared to the likes of E3, Tokyo Gaming Show (TGS), or even Gamerscon. VGX is a not and it won't be a major gaming event, and it won't be like the events mentioned above. Some users were angry regarding Nintendo's announcement, which they shouldn't be, because the have expected too much from Nintendo, and ended up being disappointed.

If I've offended anyone, then I'm sorry. It's something that's needed to be removed from my chest.

Thanks for your reading.

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Azooooz wrote:

Tokyo Gaming Show (TGS), or even Gamerscon.

It's "Tokyo Game Show" and "Gamescom" (no "r" in there, but an "m" instead of an "n" at the end).



I agree to the full extent. Initially I was disappointed, then I realized how awful the show really was. The VGX Awards didn't deserve a Zelda reveal, I feel that it should be saved for a surprise. Just means E3 is going to be way more awesome.



I think it comes down to a scenario of pearls before swine.


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Your opinion isn't Valid when you prop up TGS as a big show for announcements. At the end of the day TGS has become a den of mobile games and demoing stuff I have to wait a year or so to play. Whear's the VGA's gave me my first look at The Last of US and Dark Souls II.

The VGA's will never be on the scale of E3 or Gamescom but the announcements are usually much bigger. There wasn't even that much announced as far as AAA games at Gamescom this year other than Fable.


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I'm over the Cranky thing, I just don't get why it couldn't be saved for this month's inevitable ND.


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Thank you for sharing, but we've already got a few VGC-related threads going. Please feel free to join one of the existing discussions. :3

future of NL >:3
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