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To me, it had just about everything expected of a Direct: brand new game reveals, eShop titles (many of which are available now), trailers for big upcoming games, and to top it off a Smash Bros./Mario Kart double-whammy with a newcomer announced for the former to boot.

The only real thing missing was concrete release dates.

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About to rewatch and post my thought, but throughout the direct I could only think.

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Possibly one of their best ones with all the surprises

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not sure...

Rosalina = awesome.. and i'm really looking forward to all these great games (Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, DKC: TF, Kirby Triple Deluxe, etc.), but this time i was actually hoping for some new Bayonetta 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem or X gameplay-footage
or maybe news that Bayonetta 1 will be coming to Wii U

i'm actually interested in Bayonetta 2, but i've never played the original...

Hyrule Warriors.... i really don't know what to think. never played a Dynasty Warriors game, so i'm not quite sure what to expect

Dr. Luigi, Wii Sports Golf, Sonic Lost World DLC = i don't care



I was happy with it. The Hyrule Warrior game was a great way to get the ball rolling. Kirby looks good too, it could be the first Kirby game I've bought since.. well, ever I think. I expected to see some more from Reggie though, his presentation lacked a bit.


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IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sad that there wasn't any Bayonetta or Monolith's X, though...

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It was solid overall, but nothing mind-blowing. Kirby in MK8 would've been a major highlight, but was only an awkward tease.

I'm still hoping for some eventual Dragon Quest VII (3DS), Monster Hunter 4 (3DS), Dragon Quest X (Wii U) love here in NA. Maybe next month.... =/


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This was honestly the most surprising Nintendo Direct in a very long time, since at least E3.


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Liked new Zelda, Chibi Robo looked cool, any new Mario Kart 8 stuff is a bonus.

Didn't care about anything else.



Kinda disappointing for me. Best bits were SMB3 on the 3DS VC and a date announced for Layton vs Phoenix Wright. I really wanted Dragon Quest VII to be localised, but the very least I was expecting was a European date for SMTIV. If they haven't announced it by this point, I'm starting to fear it's not coming at all. I can see why people are excited, but new trailers for games we've already seen don't really interest me at all. I'm the sort of person that can quite happily go between a game being announced and releasing without seeing new footage.



I was pleasantly surprised. I'm very excited about 2014. I was hoping for some release dates though. Maybe they'll have another ND in January for that.

Hyrule Warriors looks like something that will hold over the Zelda audience until Zelda Wii U is released. I'm excited for it. I'm not big on Dynasty Warriors (I loved Legends of Troy though), but this could be fun.

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Wow, buzzkill much? I thought it was fantastic. Mario Kart, Smash and DK are looking fantastic for a start. The new Zelda thing is a bit "meh" but it looks very early so I won't judge it too much. Then there were the little eShop titles with NES Remix, Wii Sports Club Golf, Dr Luigi and SMB 3 and I'm probably going to download all of them. Then Sonic DLC looked cool and is almost enough for me to want to get Sonic alongside new trailers for Yoshi and Kirby on 3DS. All great stuff.

Also deals and promotions everywhere. Celebi when you use Pokemon Bank, SMB Deluxe for putting an NNID on your 3DS, the 3D Land promo we already knew about and heaps of sales. Not sure if this was a thing outside of the EU Direct but either way I'm getting it so I'm happy. This almost rivaled an E3 presentation in terms of getting me excited about content especially given how much was free, nostalgic, immediate or super shiny.

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I wouldn't describe the lack of info on certain games as a disappointment. They clearly said Spring 2014, so not everything was going to be included

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Tropical Freeze looks better and better every time we see it. So does Mario Kart 8. Super Smash Bros. I'm less sure about. I know I'll buy it, I know I'll play it a lot, but I'm still not sure they made the right move making the game for two consoles. They should have dedicated all their resources to making it look as good on the Wii U as possible.

Anyway, next year is going to be a big one for the Wii U. I think there's a lot of positive momentum coming out of this Direct.


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I think if you went in just for 3DS news you weren't going to come out with that much. Wii U got the most attention this time around (which is good because the system needs it).

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My thoughts

Iwata is bringing it directly to us

-Hyrule Warrior's looks good. I really like the Zelda enemy design, and this is the type of fast paced combat I've wanted from a Zelda. With that said the idea makes more sense for Fire Emblem to be honest.

-Kirby Triple Deluxe looks good. I'm surprised it took this long to get a Kirby 3DS game. Kirby fighter's look like a nice holdover for smash bros.

-I really don't care about Yoshi's new island. from the sounds of it went through a massive gameplay overhaul. The music sounds good though.

-Chibi Robo is a game i'll be picking up day one.

-Won't use Transporter, but I will use Pokebank. Looking forward to celebi.

-Micro Tranactions make me facepalm, but braverly default looks awesome. Going to go ahead and pick it up despite not finishing Etrian Odyessy and getting Zelda next month.

-Let's get Cranky up in here. The CG makes me wish Tropical freeze was a 3D platformer.

-Sonic Lost World DLC is pretty great looking. Its intresting it take place in Yarn Yoshi. Pretty sure this is a test bed for the last Sonic game which will be a 3D Mario/Sonic game for the fall.

-Wii Sports Club Gold just in time for the holidays. Golf was my favorite of the orginal games. Relaunching the trail date gets Ninty alot of good will from fans. I think this should have been pushed back till January since nothing is coming out that month for Wii U.

-Nes Remix looks to be a good way to levarge orginal eshop content with Nostalgia from older games. I hope they do a nintendoland version of this. I also think should be next month.

-Dr.Luigi looks decent haven't played a Dr.Mario game so not sure what to expect. Once again should be next month.

-No one cares about Daisy and Nintendo has got me again with these misleading CG trailers. Smash looks like its going to be my Jam

-Mario Kart is more Mario kart, I want to know more about the online mode.

Overall the third best Nintendo Direct this year and we got a ton of good infomation out of this one, Pretty much confrims Bayonetta 2 and Yarn Yoshi for summer.


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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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really cool that they give you mario deluxe for free just becuase you registered an account And I look forward to Rosalina in Smash but her star seems maybe a bit overpowered as that star can block attacks. And Hyrule Warriors look cool Can't wait to MK8!
Overall maybe the best direct since well I don't know

since at least E3.


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Completely satisfied! Like I said before, I love Nintendo because they know how to surprise, and today was no different!

Hyrule Warriors
Dr. Luigi
Sonic & Yoshi
NES Remix
Rosalina in Smash

All definitely NOT expected!
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I really liked it. Dr. Luigi and Hyrule warriors look very fun. Kirby triple Deluxe looks neat too. And Rosalina!!!!


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