Topic: So what controllers CAN I use for the WII U?

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Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm new here, hi. c:

Anyways, I missed out on the WII and I recently got a WII U for the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate when it hits.

But onto the topic on hand,

I've got some WII games that I thought I'd keep when my little brother decided to get rid of his WII, he wouldn't let me use it nor keep it for that matter, and since I found out you can just use the WII U to play WII games, I've decided that I'm gonna try buying a bunch of WII games, like the Zeldas, Mario, Brawl, etc.

But I'm just wondering, what WII controllers, apart from the motion controllers can I use on the WII U?

Can I use the Wii's Classic controller? EDUCATE ME! And if you want, you can throw me some recommendations of WII games to buy.



Good question. I suppose anything you hook up to your Wiimote will work.

Someone else who is playing these games back me up?

Wii games...Xenoblade, Last Story.

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Not this one.

As for old Wii recommendations; checkout Wii Sports Resort, Sonic Colors, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Just Dance 2, Resident Evil 4, Trauma Team, Sakura Wars, Muramasa, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Xenoblade, Metroid Prime: Corruption, Samurai Showdown Anthology, No More Heroes, Ghost Squad, and Data East Arcade Classics. my pants.


riverfr0zen wrote:

Good question. I suppose anything you hook up to your Wiimote will work.

Someone else who is playing these games back me up?

Yep, it indeed works. If it's licensed by Nintendo and it plugs into the Wii Remote, then it will work for whatever you try to use it for when it comes to Wii games. Even that Tatsunoko fight stick.
I'll go ahead and give you a bunch of niche recommendations, because I'm sure you've heard of the easy ones.

Muramasa the Demon Blade- Hack n' Slash RPG
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom- Easily the best fighting game on the system
Red Steel 2- FPS that proves the effectiveness of motion control
Sakura Wars: So Long My Love- A giant robot SRPG with SIM elements.
No More Heroes 2- Action game with demented sense of style
Madworld- Game about murdering people. Has a better story than you'd think, arguably the best localization to a game ever, and is availble for around $4.
If you're into RPG's, you've got to try out Xenoblade and The Last Story. But if you can only go for one, go with Xenoblade.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Best thread ever
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