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So I just did a quick search and couldn't find a Skylanders: Giants thread here, so i figured I would start one. If there is already one, coul somebody provide a link, I might have missed it.

This thread is for anything related to Skylanders: Giants. Whether you want to talk about the figures, release dates, opinions of the game etc. anything related to Skylanders: Giants can be put here.

As for me I am quite enjoying Giants. Currently I only own Tree Rex, Jet Vac, and Cynder, but I will be getting some more soon. The game is really fun so far, and with the game on the most difficult setting it actually provides a decent challenge, especially when trying to complete a level with only one figure. The figures themselves are wonderful, very well painted and display nicely.

The figure I hope to get soon are Swarm, Flashwing, and Prism Break (Lightcore edition).

So what figures do you own? What's your favorite? Who do you hope to get soon? and what do you think of the game?

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KodyWB-98 wrote:

Unfortunately, there is actually already a thread about it here.

If you look thats for the 3DS version and I am assuming that this one is talking about the Wii U version since its in the Wii U section. I am not sure but they could be different and warrant a thread in each section.

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@Tasuki You're probably right. I completely overlooked the fact that this was in the Wii U section and not the 3DS. In that case, disregard my previous post.

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