Topic: Sign this petition to get kingdom hearts 3 ported to Wii U.

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Hello fellow nintendo and KH fans. I humbly ask that you all take a couple minutes of your time to sign this petition for square-enix to bring kingdom hearts 3 to Wii U. You would be doing a great favor to nintendo fans everywhere. Who would otherwise be missing out on this fantastic new installment of the beloved kingdom hearts franchise. Thank you.

P.S. it would be very helpful if a mod could sticky this. Thanks again.

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Please support kingdom hearts 3 coming to Wii U by signing this petition - - Thank You :)


Even if all 1504 is signed... thats not really an impressive number for Square Enix to gasp at. A better idea would be to start campaigns on social medias such as Twitter and Facebook. Think about how "we" all went into rage about Rayman Legends going multiplat. Its easier to be seen that way.

Also i dont know. about the actual possibility with KH3.. Depends entirely if they are building it with their next-gen engine or not.



Is it me, or is there a thread like this being posted every day?

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Please feel free to advertise whatever petition(s) you please via your user signature. Thank you! :3

future of NL >:3
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