Topic: Should I trade my Wii for a GameCube?

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Nah. I'm keeping mine

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Koto wrote:

If you intend to hunt down a broadband adapter to play on the PSO private servers or to play GBA games on the big screen, why not?
Heck I think I'm going to buy a $30 Gamecube at Gamestop later since I have a Wii U now and TRY to hunt down both a broadband adapter and a Gameboy Player. Time to have a "complete" Gamecube.

WTF?!?! There's still Phantasy Star Online servers running?

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I was wondernig the same thing, but I think I'll keep my Wii. I have a component video cable already for my Wii, but getting component video connections for a GameCube takes a little luck (the right model) and expense (the rare component video cable). (North America here, which might make a difference.)

I still might get a GameCube for the basement TV anyway, just for giggles, since I have a few GameCube games.


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GamecubeMan wrote:

Doesnt the Wii have backwards compatibility with the GCN...
And if for some reason your Wii doesnt, this thread is a trick question.

Mine does, but the thing is, even though the Wii U is backwards compatible with the original Wii, it's not with GameCube, so since the original Gamecube is older than the Wii, I generally expect it to have a lower price than Wii. Which makes selling a Wii for a GameCube more cost efficient, doesn't it?

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CM30 wrote:

To be honest, no. There's no real reason to change from one console to the other, since they both support many of the same controllers, and the Wii is just the technically better console.

>-< are you serious right now? The Wii costs more than a Gaamecube, and Gamecubes are about 30 dollars right now. That extra cash could go to your Wii U or some games.

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Um, NO. Wii can PLAY Gamecube games, plus the Wii is better. And the Wii U is out, so just get that!

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Can someone please explain to me how a Wii is better than the Gamecube for the OP's case? He has a Wii U, but wants to still have something to play Gamecube games with. All of his Wii stuff will be transferred to the Wii U, and he can use that as his way of playing Gamecube games. Since the one advantage of keeping his Wii would be to play Wii games with Gamecube controllers will most likely be lost due to all of his data going over to the Wii U, I don't see an advantage here. Plus, the Gamecube could play some GBA games with the right equipment, as well as being able to play some stuff like Pac Man VS or Four Swords (I don't see it happenning, but hey, it's there).

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So the pros for keeping the Wii are:
Playing Wii/VC games with GCN controllers and using component cables
And the pros for getting a GCN are:
GBA connection/GB Player and using the broadband adapter

I was considering doing the same thing myself as GCN's only cost $30 but then I saw Wii's were selling for not much more than that so it was kinda pointless...


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didnt hear about "gameboy player" before, but currently it seems to be sold at around 100€ with the system disc ! at this price it's completely uninteresting
it seems there's a cheaper alternative called "advance gameport" which can be used on the wii

personally i will keep my wii when i'll get the wii-u (gamecube support, statistically will last longer, component video, media player, ...)
if i wanted to play gameboy games i would buy a 10 or 20€ second-hand gba (or i would buy a ds-phat |lite) : handheld is a major feature

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