Topic: Should I get a 3D TV for the Wii-U?

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I'm thinking that future Nintendo games will be made for the Wii-U in HD quality and will be 3D compatible like future mario games ect. What do you think?

I love the 3DS XL for the 3D effect, I would love Wii-U games to be able to be 3D capable too but I don't know if Nintendo are going to support 3D yet unless anyone knows otherwise?

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Get an HD TV if anything.



I can't imagine Nintendo doing much with 3D on the WiiU.
3D TVs are hella expensive too. Better to go with a regular HD plasma for now I say.

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Some might.. But I wouldn't count on it. For a Sony console it might be worth it since they're really pushing that tech. Nintendo, however, does not seem very interested in it.

Definitely not worth it IMO, unless you plan on buying lots of 3D Movies or a future Ps4/3.

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3D TV's are worth it and they are not much more money than those without it anyway. Now is a great time with it being the end of the year along with the Christmas sales.

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The Wii U has the capacity to and will support 3D gaming in future, but probably not for quite a while. Nintendo are waiting for the adoption of 3D TVs to reach 30% worldwide, before implementing support for it in the vast majority of Wii U titles.

For now, I'd say settle for an HD TV, especially since not a lot of formats (e.g. movies, games and such) support it right now (unless, of course, you have a PS3).



There aren't many things across the entire medium spectrum to make buying a 3D TV worth it, at least in my eyes. With the exception of the PS3, of course, which seems to be doing the idea more justice than anything else. I'd say settle with a regular HD TV.

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Just get an HDTV. Nintendo already has stated they have no plans to release any 3D games and only included the feature in case other developers want to utilize it. I don't expect any will anytime soon because it probably isn't worth the investment on their part, as most people will probably not being playing the Wii U on a 3D TV. At the very least, there will not be any first party games supporting it in the immediate future, and by the time they do I suspect the TVs will have most likely dropped a decent amount in price.

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If you are rich and have a load of cash, yes.

If you are middle class like most people, I don't recommend it at all, because the Wii U might not ever have 3D capabilities.


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i think if you're already getting a new tv and you like 3d effects, you should get a 3d tv. how long do you usually keep a tv? 10 years? get a 3d tv now or wait another 10 years.

sure, there is not a whole lot of content available at the moment, but there is more coming all the time. I use my 3d tv for a few blu rays and for my ps3 all the time. plus, it's not perfect, but most 3d tvs will auto convert any 2d content to 3d. also, if you're buying a 3d tv, it's probably a smart tv too, so you can always rent 3d movies through services like vudu.

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If you're getting a 3D Plasma for 3D Bluray's it''s definitly worth it!

The Panasonic 50" 3D 1080p UT50 is only $799-$899. Far from expensive and it's a fantastic set. Wouldn't get it personally for gaming since it's rocking 2+ frames of input lag, but if i were just into film it would be my number one choice.



Wasn't it said by someone at Ubisoft that the gamepad did support 3D, but required glasses for it?


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pntjr wrote:

If you are rich and have a load of cash, yes.

This applies to almost every question imaginable.


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