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Topic: Should Bravely Default Become a Long-Running Series and Come to Consoles?

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So I live in North America and just got the demo, just to check it out and see if I liked it.


3 hours of playing it later, I say it seems very promising. With Bravely Second being announced for Japan, do you guys want to see this game birth a series?

And personally, I'd love it if this series became (or continued to be, rather) exclusive to Nintendo systems. In fact, I'd love to see a Bravely game come to Wii U. Do you guys see this happening? Would you like to see this? Lemme know all of you think!


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I'd like it if it manages to change things up enough to stay fresh and exciting, without being absurd. Basically, don't suffer the same fate many final fantasy games suffered.

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No, they can stay with the handhelds and that's cool. The only SE sequel I really want on my Wii U (well besides Deus Ex and Sleeping Dogs) is The. World. Ends. With. U.

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Isn't the whole point to be a throwback to 'classic' JRPGs? Kinda seems like a style tailor made for handhelds. I think it would be neato for this to be an ongoing series, but it seems more appropriate for it to stay on handheld.

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I think the series creator has already said he wants to turn it into a regular franchise (For better or for worse, with yearly installments).

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