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German studio Shin'en just announced that they are working on software for Nintendo's newest console. The developer had some recent hits on Nintendo's WiiWare service with Jett Rocket, Art of Balance, and FAST Racing League, all of them pushed the Wii to its limits.

Shin'en produced Nano Assault (3DS) for Majesco and their newest title, Fun! Fun! Minigolf! Touch is set to release tomorrow on the Nintendo eShop ($4.99, €5). Their other eShop titles, Art of Balance TOUCH! and Jett Rocket Super Surf, are planned for a release in the second quarter of 2012.

It would be a huge surprise if the upcoming WiiU titles of Shin'en were no graphical showcase of the system's capabilities.

Can't find a link but they announced it at GDC. This the Assaissan's creed 3 reveal and the Warren Spector game being demoed later this month shows that nintendo might be showing something at GDC. That and mumurs have come out that the Wii U is one of the hot topics among devs this year.


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They're making a new Art of Balance game? That, I did not know.

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Yay! Isn't Shinen the company known for dishing out uncreative, uninspired titles that are based on ideas that already exsist(Ahem, their F-Zero-like clone) and giving them pretty glossy polished graphics? Total troll comment hehe. I've never actually played Jett Rocket, Moto Heroez or that F-Zero clone so i can't say. But they look pretty uninspired.

I look at Jet Rocket and i think....Why would i want to play this when i can play Super Mario galaxy 2? What exactly does Jet Rocket offer me innovation wise? It just looks like a decent uninteresting typical uninspired platformer. Shinnen looks to just get things 'right' without doing anything original or creative and downsizing these experiences to WiiWare.

It seems like playing a game made by Shinen is like playing a knock off of a completely superior product. Then again, i need to shut up because I've played none of their titles. Art Balance and Moto Heroez i'll probably check out down the line....Maybe.

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@Waveboy Motoheroz isn't made by Shinen, its made by redlynx. Also, their Nano series and Art of balance series don't seem like rip-offs of anything.


You desperately need to play the Nanostray series, Waveboy. Desperately. It will change your current view of Shin'en. It's the series that made me like'em. If you can make a quality shmup on DS, you're good in my book.
Also, that F-Zero "knock off" was completely warranted. If Nintendo isn't going to make a damn new F-Zero someone better give us a good futuristic racer on the Wii. >:[


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