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It would be amazing if the NIntendo eShop went on Wii U and the next Nintendo consoles and handhelds. And some games are for diffrent systems, or maybe shared systems! And you can comment and rate games all from your 3DS or Wii U System! like PSN but Nintendo! I hope that's what they plan to do, because one of the problems i have is why i can't play WiiWare on my 3DS! It definately has the proccessing capability to do so! What Do you guys think about this?

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Good idea, but I doubt it... Nintendo always finds a way to let me down. So I'm not getting too hyped about the Wii U's online service. But I AM getting a Wii U like day 1. Haven't been this excited for Nintendo hardware in awhile.

I'm a PC player but I'll always have a spot for Nintendo. I grew up as a child as a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and I still love their games. The Legend of Zelda still gives me the magic feeling I had when I was a kid. :)


Treverend wrote:

Good idea, but I doubt it... Nintendo always finds a way to let me down.

Yeah, this. Nintendo will find some reason to not do it, that's for sure.

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And the main and only reason is $$$$$$
Why allow you to play the same game on all your hardware when they can sell you a copy for each one?

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