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I really liked Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for the Nintendo GameCube, so naturally I was excited when Shadow of the Eternals was announced for PC and Wii U. There have only been a few details released, and a short trailer (which used music from the first game ), and while it looks pretty cool so far I'm already a bit skeptical of a few things.

For those of you who beat all three endings of the original game (or just looked it up on YouTube), you were treated to a special ending where all three Ancients are defeated and all that stuff. Silicon Knights left the game pretty open-ended for a sequel, literally anything could happen. Which begs the question why Shadow of the Eternals has to be a 'spiritual successor', and not a direct sequel. Is it because Denis Dyack is trying to appeal to a difference audience (they're probably expecting most of their sales to come from pc gamers, most of which would be unfamiliar with Eternal Darkness)? We haven't seen all the characters yet, but it looks like Alexandra Roivas won't be appearing, which in my opinion is a shame 'cause I thought she had a really great character (voiced by Jennifer Hale, too). It seems the Ancients are now referred to as the "Eternals", whether they are the same as the Ancients as in the first game remains to be seen (the Ancients are meant to exist in many different timestreams and alternate realities).
Also, it doesn't look like Nintendo is having any involvement with Shadow of the Eternals, and the only member of Precursor Games who was in the original Eternal Darkness development team is Denis Dyack... who's video game development history isn't that all great. So I think without Nintendo at the helm and Denis Dyack leading the project, a lot could go wrong.

All this being said, you have to take into account that Shadow of the Eternals might never make it to store shelves; Precursor Games require $1,500,000 in crowdfunding for the project. Unless Nintendo (or any other publisher for that matter) regains interest in Eternal Darkness, the project might end up being a big flop.

Yeah, I know it's a bit early to start making speculations, but I'm still pretty excited for Shadow of the Eternals, if it's as any good as the last one I'll be playing it day one. Even if it isn't, I'll probably go ahead and buy it anyway. These are just my thoughts and my opinions, I'd be very interested to see what others think of the news and experiences with the first game. Post stuff below

Shadow of Eternals teaser trailer:

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I sort of stuffed up the spacing between lines and paragraphs, but I can't be bothered to fix it now.

And I forgot to mention that the Eternal Darkness, as an IP, still belongs to Nintendo. So the Sanity Effects might be absent from this game, as well as everything else that made ED good

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tl;dr, but I'll support this. Wii U gets moar gaems, a sequel of a highly-regarded one to boot.

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I smell one of the biggest Kickstarter fails/scams... Just wait...




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