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Eternal Darkness was high quality title, as well as overrated.

But you can kind of understand it. At the time, it was pretty novel and fresh. These days so many games are just twists on existing stuff. ED felt very fresh to me at the time.

Production levels were vey high, and Nintendo made sure SKs made a game that played well in the hands. But for once - IIRC - Nintendo's influence felt a little heavy input-wise. The overall result just didn't gel well. As opposed to the Prime games for example.

Who knows. It was a long time ago. While it probably fits into the rose-tinted glasses from the Gamecube era that the webs seem to wearing these days, I'd welcome it back.



awesome game Eternal Darkness is and i welcome the spiritual successor, when the whole thing is release on probably limited disk release or at least a bundle



I dunno. As soon as I heard Dyack was involved, my interest flew out the window

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When the crowd fund was relaunched on Kickstarter a couple days ago and it accumulated 100,000 in a day it looked like a pretty good indication that it would be successful. It now sits at 176,000 dollars with 24 days left to go. For those of you who have played Eternal Darkness... Are you excited about the possibility of a successor or not so much so? For those who never played Eternal Darkness... Are you curious in he least about this possibility or not? Do you think it will make it's goal of 750,000?

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