Topic: October 1st Nintendo Direct Predictions

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I think so too but who knows. I still got to work all day so i cant watch

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Sony_70 wrote:

Pokémon X and Y get a surpsie delay.

... the world might just implode on it's self.

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I have a suspicion of a Super Smash Bros. newcomer being revealed today.

When going to post today's Pic of the Day early this morning, I saw nothing on Miiverse, but saw this on the Smash Bros. website.
Olimar and Wii Fit Trainer appear to be looking at someone. The screenshot isn't anything special otherwise. And as of right now, Sakurai hasn't posted it on Miiverse. That could change, but it all seems rather curious.

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I don't think there's much in that. Three hours, we'll know what is and isn't in it.

We can be pretty sure though that the recent update will have something to do with it one way or another. Now that's a coincidence, major update and then a Direct just after it? I doubt the two are not connected.

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i predict info on miiverse for 3DS. why?


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I start to wonder if this direct teases a second major system update to come, as if today's update was just the first part of a major piece (this update is a large file on its own so it'd make sense if it's divided in parts). We haven't gotten that speed increase we were promised yet.

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

i predict info on miiverse for 3DS. why?


I agree. If Miiverse is supposed to come to 3DS towards the end of the month, today is the day to do a preview.


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Would Miiverse 3DS essentially be the same as WiiU without WaraWara Plaza?

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cookiex wrote:

Would Miiverse 3DS essentially be the same as WiiU without WaraWara Plaza?

No one knows.


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Good Morning Guys.

I hope the 3DS gets a major update like the Wii U did last night.


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now it is over I'll predict that it ended

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The best thing about it for me was Kirby 3D or the new Super Mario 3D World footage. I've been DYING for more 3DW footage. I get hyped about every Mario game.

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