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First off, this isn't an angry hate thread. Ya dig?

So basically a few weeks ago, my Wii U decided to have a rave party and start flickering and spouting strange noises randomly. It then started to fail to recognize my external hard drive. I called Nintendo, got the system sent in and had it back early the next week. So as I'm opening the system and trying to sync the gamepad, the console itself is lagging and freezing...while the gamepad is trying to work and connect. So I sent it back the other day.

This really hasn't been a good 2013 for me thus far (along with life happening). But I guess with new technology, you get these sort of things.
Has anyone else had issues like this?

I hope Nintendo can keep my NNID and games saved...there's a lot of money and time put into these things.

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sucks. But no issues so far



I think most faults and hardware malfunctions will appear after monster hunter release, alot of people will hooked up to there wii u for long time.

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That sucks. I had to send mine in a month or so ago because the R trigger was unresponsive. Hope they can fix it for you.

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I have also had to send my Wii U in twice. It arrived at Nintendo in Vancouver yesterday actually. Both times the problem was that the system was not turning on. If I get it back and it breaks a third time, I'm seriously gonna lose it.



My Wii U hasn't been problematic. I've had a couple freezes during zombie u , or AC3, and occasionally while playing black ops 2 zombies, my gun won't wanna shoot for a second, but other than that no issues.



'' console itself is lagging and freezing...while the gamepad is trying to work and connect''

Dam man I had that issue or a very similar one but solved it like this.

1. Turn off the Wii U and unplug it from the power point for 15 to 20 seconds.
2. Turn the Wii U back on select your Mii then press the home window key.
3. Hold down Y and B on the game pad for 5~10 seconds in the home key screen and it should ask if you want to restore gamepad to factory default, restore it then do the Y and B thing again and calibrate it.

Sometimes I have to do the process 2 or 3 times, but I havn't had this issue come back since the last time it happend. (over a month ago). First time it ever happend was after losing power.



Haven't had any issue yet ..hopefully it stays like that or ill be mad

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