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Hi guys I'm new to the site, and so far its pretty awesome.

Well I have to send in my Wii U due to the gamepad constantly disconnecting even right in front of the system. Nintendo support said they have had a few of these issues lately, and most of them needed to be repaired. Along with that my WaraWara plaza seems to have stopped working on my profile, but not my wife's profile. Again Nintendo told me it seems to be a bug that some accounts get, but they are currently trying to fix it.

Anyone else have any issues like these, or have had to send in their brand new Wii U? =(


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No, I've been lucky. My Wii U hasn't had a single problem since launch (Minus dropping the stylus in a crack in my couch, that was a pain).

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I've had to send in my GamePad because of a faulty ZL button that they may or may not charge me $50 to repair. I haven't had any freezing or bug related issues though.


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The Warawara plaza bug sounds similar to another thread from yesterday...

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