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While I have a WiiU, sadly, my TV is still SD. I am using component cables to connect the WiiU to the TV but the WiiU screen appears bigger than my TV screen so some of the image is being cut off. Any thoughts or suggestions?

And it is sad the the gamepad screen looks better than my TV.

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Hmm too bad is there no way for you to even get a small full HD TV? They're on sale all the time on amazon and you can get a decent 32" thing of last year for around 200-350 euro.

Well I don't know about your SD Tv but if I had this Problem on my Xbox360 there would be an option to set it to SD or "auto fit". If that still wouldn't help, I could set my LG LED TV to "just scan" and it just outputs the signal how it comes in. Don't think that helped hm?

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Yeah, sometimes at Target we have 19" HDTVs for around 100 bucks. They may not be the best, but it will hold you over until you can afford a bigger one.



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