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I've been reading more and more about this game and find myself highly impressed. The Gamepad is integral to the game and the game is a console exclusive( I don't count pc). And it comes out September 24th. The game will be a first day purchase on the eshop for me. Anyone else interested?



Unlimited was an awesome game, so if this is of that quality again, I'll be sure to get it.

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I enjoyed Unlimited alot and I do like DC so I will probably check it out at some point. I might end up renting it from Gamefly since my budget for new games is going to GTA V, the PS4 and AC IV.

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Well considering how much I loved Scribblenauts unlimited I'm getting this one I hope it's just as fun.

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As much fun as this game looks, I won't be getting it at launch. The main reason is because I bought Scribblenauts Unlimited day one with WiiU purchase, and it still has a ton of replay value for me. The second reason is the high amount of other games coming out. If I do get it, it may be for the 3DS, so I have a Scribblenauts 3DS game to play. But the game looks awesome!

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I just had a look at the Nintedolife page for the game and apparenly it listed as a Q4 release for the UK. That's insane!

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