Topic: Scribblenauts makers being sued over Nyan Cat/Keyboard Cat?

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No, I'm not joking. They're being sued for including 'trademarked/copyrighted' internet memes in the Scribblenauts series:

I'm sorry, but what? You're seriously suing someone over an internet meme in a video game? Why?

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If this is the reason the EU Wii U version is being delayed so late, that would be just stupid.

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Wow. I'm pretty sure if you typed "over nine thousand" in the first Scribblenauts it would make a monocle (obviously meat to be a Scouter from DBZ). So they can sue them for that, too.

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if you type in lie it gives you a cake so valve should sue them too.... this is dumb

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

That Nyan Cat was my main source of transportation during the story levels!

I always rode on a well fanmade Doodle Jump.

Anyways, it makes me sad that Internet memes are now being trademarked.


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From what I understand, the bigger problem seems to be that Warner Brothers advertised the fact that Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat were in the game rather than the two characters simply existing in the game's code. That would also be the reason why nobody made any fuss about the first two games having meme words/characters; Warner Brothers never acknowledged their existence.

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What is this! Earthworm Jim HD had the keyboard cat as a challenge boss and nobody spoke up about that!

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Stupid creator obviously misses the 5 minutes of fame he got and wants some more..... lul


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This is ridiculous. Ever hear of an homage? What would the damages be in the lawsuit anyway? No one bought the game for the stupid cat, and the game isn't taking sales away from any other product that has the cat.

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You know that memes are made so people can use it freely (curelycopyleft or creative Commons License) and 5th cell used them with a commercial use. I wouldnt like to create a good internet trend and see how people use it to win money and even don't be asked permission to use them.

Can't wait to see how tis turns...




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