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Topic: Sakurai confirms SSB4 trailer on June 11th!

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Ryno wrote:

Am I the only one who doesn't get "it" when it comes to Smash?

I don't think so. Even amongst people already into Nintendo's stuff some people just aren't that interested in Smash Bros.

.......... although there are probably more people who will get a Wii U purely for Smash Bros

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The rumors were true! The 3ds will have sort of cel shaded look,which looks so damn beautifal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOFUCTxQ2nA&feature=youtu.be

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Toon Link is seen driving a train in one level, which is probably a good hint that he isn't a playable character, which could also be a hint that they're done with clones (for better or worse).

No sign of Mario's FLUDD. Pit has one of his weapons from Uprising. Link has a Skyward Sword-esque bomb — hopefully a sign he can bowl it.

Looks like there's stages from Spirit Tracks, Animal Crossing, NSMB, Mega Man (Wily's Castle!!! How will Yellow Devil fit in???), Pokemon Stadium (3?), a boxing ring, Battlefield, Skyward Sword, and probably other stuff I've forgotten. One stage it looked like Samus knocked someone through the left side and back out the right??

Didn't see any items showcased except the Smash Orb, but surely they'll still be in.

Can't wait for the dojo to open and get in full swing. The little screenshots so far are hilarious if not particularly telling.

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Wii Fit Trainer for the win! Now I might actually get this.

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Adam wrote:

Toon Link is seen driving a train in one level, which is probably a good hint that he isn't a playable character.

I know your happy about that. Now you guys will have a better chance at beating me!

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101% chances now. Not sure how that works but sounds good. I am nervous because if Jiggly and Ness/Claus are in, it probably won't be revealed in advance since they are traditionally secret characters. Another year of previews and suspense ahead...

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