Topic: RUMOR: April Wii U update finally brings the full version of Nintendo Network to both Wii U and 3DS.

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I think Nintendo is gonna fuse their consoles, but they don't need accounts to do so if you think about it.
Having the content locked onto your console gives you the ability to work with your account without being reliant on servers.
If you have both consoles right there for cross play, you don't need a server. Just go to download play on your 3DS, and servers are no longer needed for more than what's necessary.


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Where does it say "full version"? And what the heck does "full version" mean anyway?

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Full version? What do we have now ?



So, someone got an error message, saying a 3DS was connected, while playing a Wii U game that features cross-platform play....



All I really care about right now is getting faster OS load times. Anything else is just a minor bonus.

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I heard they are going to introduce a paid service that will allow you to view all the saucy pictures flagged as innappropiate.

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