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shingi_70 wrote:

Isn't it mainly that final fantasy/Phantasy Star had s more old school anime look and had more in common with European Fantasy and Sci-fi. Looking back VII is super cyber punk.

I find it difficult to narrow down at times. The general character designs of both Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star were heavily influenced by the skyrocketing popularity of animé in the 90's, but by now, Final Fantasy is taking much more from japanese pop/music culture, while Phantasy Star kept it more typical fantasy style with a certain amount of animé influence.
But when it comes to architecture and environments, both gleefully embrace the magitek trope, which is a mix of industrial/modern-tech and medieval fantasy environments, though FFXII took it much more techno-centered for a good amount of time.

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@CanisWolfred what the west has is not manzai.

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The next Phantasy Star game is by tri-Ace, so expect it to be very anime.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Except the Japanese got that from Looney Toons and other American comedies, Disco. What makes it "weird" to Americans is that they're used to only seeing it in children's comedies, or at least comedies people have come to associate with children, even though most of those were meant for a much broader audience...

Also slapstick works in Japan, just slightly different slapstick. And Manzai works in America, we have our own take on it already and it used to be very popular.

@iKhan - I was actually referring to everything about tales. Its look, its characters, its tropes, it's music and handling of its stories and skits. Not every anime is the same thematically, but there are often themes westerners have difficulty stomaching - Not just understanding, but willing to accept. I've yet to anyone open to playing Tales who genuinely hated anime, of which there are no shortage of such individuals.

But if you can handle Tales, you probably wouldn't have much trouble watching most readily-available anime. Just stay away from comedies (unless you get into them because of your lack of understanding). Most modern anime don't even really reference their culture too heavily in ways that would be difficult to understand that you probably haven't experienced in some way in Tales. Like, One Piece's story is actually Japanese influenced, but you don't _need _ to know all the nods, allusions, and allegories to Japanese culture and history, and even current events at the time, in order to enjoy the show. That goes for a lot of great works, actually, regardless of medium. Hell, even Naruto, which heavily entrenched in Japanese myths, is perfectly enjoyable as a fantasy series without having to understand where all these ideas came from.

In other words, maybe you should try anime if you haven't already. You've already been through initiation...

You're probably right. I've actually been wanting to get into Anime since I played Tales of Symphonia 3 or 4 years ago. I loved the humor, the character dynamics, and the music. Maybe it's because I grew up in the late 90's and early 00's where Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, DBZ, Cardcaptors along with anime-influenced American cartoons like Teen Titans were all the rage.

That said, the story of the Tales game's I've played is anything to go by, I still largely prefer American animation like Gargoyles, Batman Beyond, and Young Justice.

As an aside, aren't most JRPGs pretty anime influenced? Don't series like TWEWY, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy all borrow heavily from Anime tropes? Why have some of those managed mainstream success?

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TWEWY is an enigma that's constantly baffles me. Logic simply does not apply to that game.

Fire Emblem is as western as a Japanese product will ever get. It almost never uses tropes that you wouldn't see in American books or television.

Final Fantasy constantly changes. It used western tropes when that was popular. From 6-9, it used toned down Japanese tropes when that was popular. Then in XI & XII, it used western tropes again. X was visually excentric, which earned it a lot of scorn back in the day, and it's story is so far up its own butt, Evangelion would be jealous. XIII is so Japanese it hurts, seeing as its story is a thinly veiled allegory for Japanese society on a whole, but most westerner missed it and probably wouldn't relate to it, anyways...

Also, if you're looking for good stories, anime's got the goods. Story-wise, Tales games don't even try. They borrow the ideas from anime, but rarely give them the weight or thought they need. I'd give some recommendations, but I think it's best to start with Full Metal Alchemist and them branch out from there.

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Kodeen wrote:

The thing I don't get about anime is that a lot of it deals with driving mechs. There's also a large portion of it that deals with underage school girls. I think I heard that there was an anime where underage school girls are driving mechs? much as I would love for that to be true, none of that is. There aren't nearly as many mecha series as you make it out to be, and it's been years since I've seen a seriously good one that actually aired on Japanese TVs. This is coming from someone who used to watch mecha series exclusively until I was in danger of actually running out of mecha series at the rate I was going...

There are plenty of shows featuring school girls, but then again, there are plenty that don't have much of them, either. And a lot of those tend to be better story-wise, anyways...

I don't know about school girls in mechs, but they do have sci-fi teenage combat idols fighting mecha in AKB0048. It's as confusing and vaguely awesome as that sounds:

It's like somebody said to themselves: You know what candy pop music videos need more of? Guns and bloodshed, of course!

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Sakura Wars for Wii is an overlooked anime RPG where (some not all) underaged girls drive giant mechs.


It's probably important to note that what Japanese audiences and Western audiences consider "underage" is different by a few years. Also, most of those schoolgirl anime are made for teenage boys, not adult men (though who is actually watching them might be a different story) There's a lot of "schoolgirl" TV shows in America too. Just look at the Disney channel.

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