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Topic: RESOLUTIONGATE (Child of Light): 1080p on PS4/XB1, 720p on Wii U!!!!

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CaviarMeths wrote:

Weird thing about so many of these comments saying "w/e not a big deal, unless you're sitting close to the TV, you won't notice the difference anyway." Any thread that comes up about ideas for Nintendo's next portable console, people will say "HD." Not saying it's the same people in both cases, just weird.

In the case of a handheld with a 5" screen, full HD is the most pointless waste of resources that I can imagine, but apparently people want it more than they want 1080p on a home console.

It's all about screen size and distance from your eyes. With a portable console you're restricted to something that can be pocketed so 5" is about the limit but you have the device at arms length. With that sort of use case 720p is about the realistic limit, the 3DS does 240p (but excluding the XL is also smaller so). Lots of room for improvement there. With something the size of a GamePad it jumps to 1080p easily. Again, lots of room for improvement.

Then you hit computer monitor sizes (~24-30") in a desk use-case and 4K starts to make sense. Going bigger to a 50" TV at reasonable couch distance you drop right back to somewhere between 1080p and 720p. Then when you go above about 60" it starts to blow out to above 1080p again. So it makes sense that people are demanding HD resolutions on their portables while being ok with 720p on their TV. Just like how it makes sense that PC gamers are all hyped about 4K already while console gamers still don't quite get it.

...... it also explains why we were fine with fairly low-res stuffs back pre-HD era. When the Wii launched the TV in the middle of our house was only about 25". When I used to play SNES games on it way back in the day, that's how long we had this set for, I was sitting at almost the full length of the SNES' cord from it. So 480p? About the same as 720p is on the shiny 50" set I use now.

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