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Of course you can tell the difference between 1080 and 720 in a 20 to 24 inch monitor. Get a 1080p monitor.



All this talk with the 4K resolutions, and I think probably a few years down the line there' supposed to be even 8K, though I have no idea how to find em in retailers, like BestBuy, because the labels really don't list anything as 4K, unless they're just not consumer available yet. As far as the 3D TVs goe, you can't simply just upgrade any monitor with the converter box, it has to at least be 3D ready. Besides, I honestly haven't been seeing hardly any these days that are just that anymore as opposed to built in. Just saying.

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4K displays are in the consideration for regular consumers now. Whether or not the rich people buy them at high prices now, will determine whether or not they are more widely available cheaper later. Then the consumers who buy it a grands cheaper will make it more widely available. Sony already has theirs for pre-order I think, with components to enhance it like A/V recievers. Bill Gates, Oprah, Miyamoto, Reggie, etc. rich people probably already have them at premium price, which is $100,000 right now about. They will probably be $10,000 once enough rich people bought it at the highest prices.


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